2002 Lexus IS 300 E-shift 3.0 inline six from North America


Best performance bargain in its class!


Some creaking noise produced by the dash board and the left side pillar.

General Comments:

This car handle and perform very superbly.

And also in my opinion this car has the best brake in its class.

Seats are very comfortable, always looking forward to drive this car after a tiring day from work and activities.

Rear seats are a little bit tight, but it will still fit 5 people reasonably.

Has the best dealer ever experience to date, Lexus definitely outperform others in this segment.

The only back draws will be the slightly too much use of plastic for the dashboard.

A slight increase on the power-band will also be much appreciated.

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Review Date: 3rd December, 2002

2002 Lexus IS 300 3.0L inline 6 from North America


Best sports sedan for the money


Nothing has gone wrong yet. Build quality seems very good.

General Comments:

This car has a great interior. Climate controls are laid out in a simple easy to use fashion. Seats aver very supportive eight way adjustable driver and passenger seats. Stereo is very nice in dash 6 disk changer. Nice chrome accents in the car are tasteful. The back seats are nice, a little short on space, but seats 2 fine. I drove twelve hours strait in this car the day after I bought it, and enjoyed the whole trip. I was always comfortable. HID lights are a nice touch. Heated seats are nice it would be nice if they had a dial for degrees of heated instead of on or off. I have used the heated seats almost ever day so far this winter.

The brakes feel great. The engine is silky smooth. The car is respectfully fast. Corners very well. Fully independent suspension is very nice over bumps. Traction control is a little sensitive. It can be disabled, which makes for more spirited driving.

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Review Date: 28th October, 2002

29th Oct 2002, 15:09

I'd have to disagree, the new Infiniti G35 is far better than any Lexus IS300.

12th Feb 2004, 01:08

The G35 is a good car, but the cheap plastic that was used inside of it turned me off to it. I own a 02 Lexus IS300 with a Peter Farrell Supercars stage 2 turbo kit running 407 horsepower to the wheels. This car can outperform, out maneuver most cars on the street. Love the styling of the IS300 more than the G35. I also own a Acura TL-type S and would say its equal to the G35 more. The tunability of the IS300 far succeeds the G35 hands down. The infamous 2JZ engine is a great powerplant to work on.

2002 Lexus IS 300 3.0 in line 6 from North America


Leather, CD, e shift, home link, auto dim rear view mirror and sunroof


So far wind noisy is loud above 105 miles per hour.

General Comments:

A bang for the buck in today's market. Closest to a BMW 330i and $10000 less.

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Review Date: 28th June, 2002

19th May 2008, 18:01

105mph you say? Thank goodness! Because the police around my neck of the woods only pull you over if you are doing ATLEAST 106mph!

2002 Lexus IS 300 from North America


An awesome sports-oriented mid-luxury sedan


No problems with the car yet.

General Comments:

I love the styling of this car.

I definitely recommend the five-speed manual transmission.

I thought about the 3 series BMW's also.

I think the stock is300 has a much better drivetrain than the stock 325's.

The 330 drives great, but to get the similar options that come standard on the is300, the 330 would costs thousands more.

So far, I love the way the is300 handles, accelerates, and looks.

The one gripe I do have with the is300 is that the shifting is not as silky smooth as I would like.

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Review Date: 22nd April, 2002

2002 Lexus IS 200 SE 2.0 from UK and Ireland


The best of all worlds on four wheels



General Comments:

I wanted a car that had a quality reputation, prestige marque and wasn't too common.

The Lexus was an unexpected choice, but definitely the correct one. This car is more fun than my Merc, better spec'd than it's BMW, Mercedes and Audi bed fellows and better value than all three. I would never believe I would enjoy an automatic so much, but I am now a convert - what a ride!

To those who bang on about the Lexus being 'underpowered' I would venture the IS200 has more than enough - perhaps what you really mean is you've not quite worked the boy racer out of your system yet!

The straight six sounds lovely at speed and the ride, though perky, never fails to impress.

The Lexus dealership in Hatfield, Herts gets ten out of ten from me. A knowledgeable, attentive and professional team made a real difference to the whole buying experience and so far have been able to quickly deal with any concerns I have had - excellent.

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Review Date: 31st January, 2002

5th Feb 2002, 06:58

That's cool.=)

But the thing is, for the same price for a is200, you can get an is300 in America which has a 3 litre engine. Sure it's cheap against BMWs of the same class with its award winning interior and sound system, but why do Americans get the better of it?

No offence Americans =)

2002 Lexus IS 300 3.0 from North America


A truly outstanding luxury sports sedan


Nothing has gone with this car. I love it, and I would recommend it to anyone. I have been breaking it in slowly so I have been driving mainly in the city. Gas milage has been OK, I get around 16-19 MPG.

General Comments:

My IS300 is a 2002 model and I was put on a waiting list to get it. I'm glad I got a 2002 model because the factory rear spoiler I got with it looks a lot better than the after market one. I was thinking about the navigation system, but $2000 is a bit too much. So instead I'm thinking of putting a flip-up TV in that spot, to give my car a custom feel. The problem is that I can't find such a TV.

I was looking at BMW 330 and Mercedes C-class, but those cars seem "bland" and everyone has one. The IS300 is an eye-catcher and looks much sportier than the competition.

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Review Date: 1st October, 2001

7th Jun 2003, 18:36

My friend has two Lexus IS300, one is his parents and one is his. I do enjoy driving the stick better than the "slap shift" automatic. The handling is excellent, with nearly 50/50 weight distribution throughout the car. I own a Porsche 944 Turbo, and prefer it over the IS300, however I am probably partially persuaded to my car, because of the sportiness of it, if you will. But for a four door "sedan", it is the best one on the market today in my opionion. As for a TV, my friend installed a Kenwood in his, but I am unsure on the specific model of it! Best of Luck!