17th Apr 2001, 07:20

Actually, All Lexus cars are actually Toyotas in Japan. The GS300 is called the Aristo and the LS400 is the Celsior.

The last time I looked, my IS200 had a straight six engine, which purrs along quite nicely.

6th May 2001, 18:03

For its price the Lexus IS200 is better than any BMW 3 or Merc C-class in the same price bracket, and far better equipped.

22nd May 2001, 11:33

Granted, the IS200 is a better bet than the (embarrassingly) underpowered BMW 316i or 318i.

But pitch it against a 320i or 323i (never mind a 325i, 328i or 330i)? It gets sand kicked in its face I'm afraid.

5th Jun 2001, 10:54

This car is nice and stable at 120mph.

Trust me. :-)

20th Jun 2001, 14:40

And how much was that 330i again? (pitch it against a GT3 while you're at it) :)

27th Jun 2001, 22:19

I own an IS300, and surely this car has rougher rides than traditional Lexus, yet I feel that this is what makes the car so appealing. Acceleration in this car is quick, and having driven a BMW 330i I think the IS300 feels much lighter and quicker.

As to the guy that wrote the review, I have nothing much to say besides that you have bad taste.

3rd Jul 2001, 07:23

The engine is very smooth and and the car is stable at 120 MPH, your tyre pressures must have been wrong.

24th Jul 2001, 11:12

Altezza RS200 gives me a completely exciting feeling. It accelerates smoothly up to 160 km/h and it still wants to go more quickly. As a safe and responsible driver, I don't want to speed up further. I can think of only one weak point: uncomfortable rear seat. It doesn't matter much --- I'm the driver!

11th Oct 2001, 08:10

I really do like the interior and exterior of these cars, but the performance is pathetic! While outright acceleration might not be the point of this car - come on, the huge alloys and an aggressive stance, send out all the wrong signals. It's not fast, as you'll find the next time you see a BMW 323 or Accord Type-R, both of which will blow it away.

22nd Nov 2001, 12:02

I think the bloke in Germany hasn't a clue what he was on about. The car is absolutely pukka for its price and I'm starting to wonder if this bloke was bill gates?

25th Nov 2001, 18:25

Compared to some American cars I have driven, there is no comparison when it comes to handling or performance, unless we are talking Dodge Viper!

For the money, comparing like for like, such as BMW 318 or Audi A4, the Lexus is a bargain alternative to a run of the mill 'compact executive'!

9th Jan 2002, 07:54

In American movies you can see that American built cars are not exactly precision instruments. The drivers always move the steering wheel while driving in a straight line. Probably this driver was not used to a car that responds to input.

Another reason for his bad experience might be that he had a flat tire without noticing.

And a third reason might be that he was drunk. That would explain the noise he is talking about too.

I tried to drive my is200 at 210 km/h with my hands loose from the wheel. It kept straight.

14th Jan 2002, 07:51

Unstable above 80 mph?? I don't think so!!! As someone living in Germany and who makes full use of the autobahns, I can assure you that the car is perfectly stable upto its top speed of 140 mph!, OK, wind and road noise it a bit loud, but so what.

As for the handling, when you compare it to the vast majority of US cars that handle like a bus - you have no comparison.

29th Jul 2002, 15:59

That comment up at the top of this one was really something. As an American living in Europe, it truly embarrasses me to hear an actual argument for the Giant sponges known as American cars. I grew up in an American family with two giant American cars that sucked. I hated those cars and I hated driving. I am so glad to be living in Spain and driving the Anti-sofa, my lovely IS200. I love my car and I love to drive. What a pleasure.

9th Jan 2003, 10:19

I don't know what everyone is takling about. I'm planning to buy my own RS200. Hope it is good as it sounds.

31st Jul 2003, 03:01

Are you kidding? I agree with the IS200 not being as powerful as other cars, but its handling is definitely one of the best I've ever driven!

Did you say your friend lost to other cars? It might be due to the fact that he isn't cut for driving; And cheap plastic? Did your friend buy a toy car from some toy store? The Lexus IS200 has a very good quality interior.

31st Jul 2003, 15:10

I think his mate must have been doing his nails or putting lipstick on if he got beat from the lights by a micra or Peugeot estate, OK it aint the fastest car around, but then again few cars are built this good. Everything about it shouts quality! This car has just about everything and I aint got a clue what car YOU drive? Maybe a micra? Or Peugeot estate? I think this is the old green eyed monster raising its head! Your jealous mate!

2nd Aug 2003, 07:46

Cool! a supporter too bad I don't know where you are from. By the way what car are you driving? I am from Singapore driving a IS200 and it's definitely good enough for me. It's actually even better than my old Mercedes C200 that I used to drive.

10th Dec 2005, 04:16

I am now on my second Lexus IS200. I bought my first in 2000 which I sold after a year. I have since had an new Audi TT 180bhp, Mercedes 2003 E240 Auto, Mercedes CLK200 Auto and a BMW 316i.

The best was the E240, second is my current 2004 IS200 sport Auto. The TT was nice, but the ride firm and the cabin felt tight. The CLK was also good, but for the money?

I don't know what this American guy is on about. The IS200 is a super car, well powered, equipped and one of the most silent in its class.

7th Dec 2006, 20:31

The IS200 is underpowered, noisy and the interior, to my eyes is a mess - it looks very tacky and the plastics are cheap to look at and to touch. The interior space is also cramped and the cabin is too narrow. It just does not feel like a compact executive car should feel.

12th Dec 2006, 14:25

I recently sold my IS200 for the IS300 2,5 V6 and can't understand why all the fuzz with Mercendes and BMW. We use Mercendes as taxis in my country and BMW s are owned by anyone that can take a loan of 27,000€. Lexus has style and more power than you need. As for American cars please give me a break!You don't know what driving is and you really don't know about cars. The Japanese gave 180Hp from an 1,6lt 20V engine in 1988 and you need today 2,0lt to do the same or supercharge the engine. Bush can't jump amigos...

30th Dec 2007, 06:01

I've been looking at an IS200 SE for a while now and am very pleased to finally have one to call my own.

The interior and exterior are aggressive and well designed in my opinion and the handling is superb. Engine-wise, I love this car its fast, smooth and quiet for its size and fair enough it might not be that quick off the mark, but as soon as your into 2nd gear onwards you feel the car has lots of torque.

For its price.. I have to say that the Lexus is200 SE is the best value for money executive/family/sport car on the market. Full Stop.

Don't Hate, Regulate! Go get a Lexus people!