2000 Lexus IS 200 SE from UK and Ireland


Nearly-new's are great value


Nothing, I took one for a test drive and am getting one this week.

General Comments:

Drives like a dream, even my wife thinks it's great, and she's only been driving our Daewoo Matiz (yes, the tiny one!) for a year.

I pushed the demo car to 120, and she just wanted to go some more. It even feels racey at 20mph, it's just got that "family sports car" feel.

I love the dash, which reviewers seem to hate - what's wrong with dials anyway?

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Review Date: 4th June, 2001

2000 Lexus IS 200 SE 2.0 gas from Germany


What a joke - the worst car Lexus ever built

General Comments:

Just rented this car for a week, because it's hard to get an American class car that would cost less than an airplane here in Germany.

The car was listed as full size, but in reality it's just a compact sedan with small stiff seats, small trunk, and small interior.

The instrumental panel crammed with gauges is the worst I've ever seen, but I guess you can get used to that.

But the most disappointing is the engine performance. The acceleration is so anemic, and the engine is so noisy, I hated this car after 5 minutes of driving.

The wind noise at high speeds and the engine noise are terrible. You certainly cannot call that comfortable driving.

The car doesn't feel stable above 80 mph.

Engine is weak, so forget about high-speed maneuvers.

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Review Date: 11th April, 2001

11th Apr 2001, 15:03

Actually the IS200 is actually a rebadged Toyota. Toyota are well aware they couldn't get away with badging this car as a Lexus in Japan hence it is sold over there as the Toyota Altezza. Even more surprising is the fact that prices over there start at around £10,000 for the car (albeit not with a V6 engine) yet Lexus/Toyota seem to charge their European customers a massive premium for the same car.

2000 Lexus IS 200 SE 2.0 from UK and Ireland


Doesn't live up to its reputation


Rear tyres wore out after 9000 miles of mostly motorway driving.

General Comments:

The IS200 SE is fully loaded but small and generally disappointing compared to my A4.

The boot is small and you can't get your hands in the door side pockets.

The seats are small and could do with some side support.

The worst aspect of the car is the side windows - they don't clear water when you wind them down. So when you set off on a wet morning you have to drive with the both front windows down.

The service from the main dealer has also been very disappointing - not returning calls, not fixing squeaking doors when asked twice. I had better service when I had a Ford Escort.

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Review Date: 1st April, 2001

18th Apr 2001, 01:36

Rear tyres worn out...?, Oh I wonder what that was from <Sigh>

28th Jun 2001, 07:42

I weigh 13 stone 7 pounds stand 5' 10" and am relatively muscular/broad. I found the IS200 to be both comfortable and spacious for my frame. Are you a little lardy, perhaps? The IS200 may not be quite as refined as my Merc C200 but it's certainly more fun and I would have no hesitation recommending one...

11th Jul 2001, 05:57

The car is a DOG!

From new it needed a new clutch (10k), new shocks front and back (twice 6k and 15k), new rear brake disks, new alloy wheels at 6k due to hot brake dust pitting the surface. New rear tyres at 10k.

I got rid of it after 12k and bought a SAAB 9-5 - best thing I ever did.

Recommend that you do not consider the IS200 seriously.

14th Jan 2002, 07:56

Needed new tyres after 9K?? Bit of a lead foot I suspect, if not then I suggest you should have checked the tyre pressures, suppose they were up to max load pressure!!! I am on 25K and only now are they coming close to being replaced.

There is a known problem with the alloys corroding, but that's across all IS models.