2000 Lexus IS 200 SE 1995 from UK and Ireland


A great tourer - well built - fun to drive - and superb value for money


Nothing has gone wrong with the car at all.

It is, in a nutshell, the most reliable car I have ever owned.

General Comments:

It is the most satisfying car to drive.

It is such good value for money.

Previous cars - Mercedes-Benz C-Classes - were a real disappointment.

Well done LEXUS.

Which? Car report for August which shows the IS200 as the most reliable - well ahead of the C-Class and the BMW 3 Series.

If you aren't a badge snob, is their really any point in buying anything else?

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Review Date: 6th September, 2001

18th Dec 2001, 06:45

Could not agree more. Handling, comfort and build quality all superb. I enjoy the drive home from work now.

14th Nov 2006, 03:27

You can't beat a 3 series - IS200 is just a rebadged Toyota and wannabe 3 series. The BMW 3 series was Lexus' benchmark car when developing the IS200 - sadly they missed the mark. The IS200 has amaemic engines, cramped interiors, poor quality interior plastics and it looks, too my eyes anyway, tacky. Wouldn't touch one.

2000 Lexus IS 200 SE 2.0 from UK and Ireland


An excellent car - let down a little by the after sales


CD has been replaced 3 times due to CD's getting stuck (a common problem apparently). Problem with the radio locking onto a signal. Lexus have messed about for 6 months without a resolution.

One gripe is the inability to mute the radio from a mobile phone or play the phone via the audio speakers.

General Comments:

The car is comfortable and drives well. I am very pleased with it.

I drive 30k miles a year so I need a car that is smooth and comfortable.

The car is due for replacement and I will go for the same (but with sat-nav this time).

I am not overly impressed with my dealer - from JD Power surveys etc. I thought Lexus/ Toyota were a cut above the rest, although they are reasonably good, they have a poor response to problems slightly out of the ordinary, such as my radio problem.

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Review Date: 19th August, 2001

21st Dec 2004, 10:27

Re your comments on dealership service... I was going to buy an IS200 from Lexus Glasgow - until I found out that they are part of the Arnold Clark Automobile group. Think I'll stick to my original choice of BMW. At least BMW dealers remember that it is the customer that is paying their wages, and know how to treat the customer with a little respect. I don't ask for much from a prestige dealer - just polite staff, and knowledgeable technicians - basics that are sadly lacking at Lexus Glasgow.

2000 Lexus IS 300 from North America


Very nice car, but many problems


Dysfunctional fuel gauge, which I was told was because of an after-market amp and speakers I had installed, ha!

Completely shut down twice while driving down the road.

Hesitation when the gas is pushed to the floor, it will not go like it used to.

Erratic shifting.

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Review Date: 6th July, 2001

30th Oct 2002, 12:58

My IS300 also hesitates when the accelerator is pushed. Furthermore, I have had 5 blow-outs and 4 damaged rims in less than 16,000 miles. I would not recommend this car with 17" rims or larger to anyone in the greater NY area! Purchase an SUV!

8th Sep 2008, 22:17

Turn off the traction control and it won't hesitate. If you want more power, then turn the Power mode ON (Power button).

It is the best car I ever had. I am going to get me another IS250/350. Although the BMW 3 series drives the best, but it is a over-rated car with all sorts of electrical problems and computer failures.

2000 Lexus IS 200 SE 2.0 from UK and Ireland


Great value, comfortable but a high cost risk due to parts availability


I crashed it! Admittedly this was my own fault but the way the car skidded out of control on snow at 60mph whilst travelling in a straight line was outrageous even for a rear wheel drive...

My biggest complaint is the time (2 months) taken for parts to arrive from Japan. Promises made every week (..it will arrive on thursday) were just aggravating.

General Comments:

Car is comfortable and good value but not if you have to pay for a hire car for 2 months whilst Lexus ship parts from Japan.

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Review Date: 19th June, 2001

25th Jul 2001, 16:00

Driving at 60 mph on snow... what did you expect!!

12th Aug 2001, 15:14

Don't think I've ever been above 20mph on snow!

17th Aug 2001, 09:38

Many rear wheel drive cars will suffer oversteer on ice or snow when the driver lifts off the power. The engine braking causes the rear wheels to lock up and the car will spin. This is more common with high power cars or those with a high compression ratio. Best avoided by slowing down or maintaining power, if the real wheels begin to slide, depress the clutch.

25th Nov 2001, 18:18

Are you a Rally driver?

11th Aug 2002, 07:43

What sort of fruit and nut drives a big lump of a car like the IS200 at 60mph on snow.

If it was up to me, I wouldn't of let you back onto the road in the dry never mind the snow.

There is a lesson to be learned here, I think!

29th Aug 2003, 13:14


I have driven not only 100 km/h on snow, but even 160 km/h with max. 50 m vision (VW Passat 4x4 TDI in Finmark). As long as it is a straight way it's no problem. I know this since I live in Norway.

In the upper parts of Norway, where the sun never shines in the winter, its NORMAL and no hassle. because the only problem is police controls not the weather. Some roads you don't even meet a car for an hour.

Anyway: If you drive max. 50 km/h wintertime in Norway you could lose your license, since you could be considered a dangerous driver.