10th Jun 2018, 16:33

I would have looked in (glanced more like it) and not bothered to even consider it. If it looks that bad from the outside, it’s very telling it didn’t receive the best of maintenance either. Why not just buy a new one? Buying a dirt cheap luxury car often isn’t cheap over the long run. You dish out a lot more in repairs or take up your own time trying to make it right. Time better spent enjoying a happy hour instead of standing alongside the road in rush hour.

11th Jun 2018, 02:18

Understand that the adventure for someone like me is to buy a used car that has the highest reliability ratings, and getting it at a very good price. Buying new isn't for me. Why, because some older cars are built better than new cars. The IS350 had some of the highest ratings for a Japanese car. These cars were going for over $35,000 in 2006, when money was actually worth something. I check the dealerships for their cars, I input the sort program for the lowest to highest in price for their picture scan. Then I look at their Carfax on their site. Looking for one owner cars with maintenance records. Then I look at the pictures of the car's exterior and interior. Also what I am looking for is the fully optioned cars which were very expensive when new. Dealerships don't always care about fully optioned cars, they are more concerned with what they paid for it, what they have in it and the mileage on it. I used to buy new in the past, but buying great condition used cars is a lot more fun... and a lot cheaper too. The IS350 was not on my radar when I visiting the Lexus dealership in Woodland Hills Ca... it just happened to be there.

11th Jun 2018, 11:44

Try CarMax. I never did before, but just bought a low mile, extra late model car cheap. Easy, no pressure. In and out. Had to pay a small transfer fee for a southern car. Got the color etc I wanted. Plenty of pretty new cars you can look at up to 500 miles away on other sites too. Easy.

11th Jun 2018, 17:45

Carmax is a great site. I watch their cars regularly. The good used cars there go very fast. But I prefer to watch the top of the line car dealerships in my area. Lexus dealerships... Acura dealerships... Mercedes dealerships... Nissan dealerships... I monitor about 30 dealerships searching for a car that is dropping in price but had excellent reviews when new and reliability. Most of these dealership lower their prices about $500.00 every week until they sell. The also have the Carfax on their website, which is a bonus. They also safety and smog the cars. Great pictures to view. Also many of these dealerships have a good reputations in the area. I like Carmax, but they don't have the free Carfax service on their website. At least not the one in my area, which makes it harder to find out what you are dealing with.