27th May 2016, 03:02

May 26-2016 - Update on my review. I took off the winter rims and tires and put on the summer rims and tires by myself. Now the TPMS tire pressure monitor sensor is on. I have to take it to the dealership to reset it. I am not a big fan of the interior light grey fiber glass center console. I am taking her to the 3M Wrap shop and getting the center console and window consoles wrapped with dark fiber glass wrap. I'll let you know how it looks.

13th Nov 2016, 02:17

Nov-12-2016 - Update on my review. My front low beam HID light died. $160 for 1 bulb. I took the battery off to replace it. Once I plugged the battery back in I had to calibrate the windows. Then the navi / heat / A/C touch screen is no longer responsive. I am not sure what's going on. Googling for a fix as a replacement unit is very costly. Will update the review again. Thus Lexus has a lot of electrical issues. The car is still fine.

17th Nov 2016, 21:13

Nov-17-2016 - Update on my review - I ordered a replacement touch screen for the Lexus ISF Navi. I googled and found MANY people are having the same issue. The touch screen controls everything. A/C, heat, music, settings, etc. The unit itself is around $6000. I am not mad to get a new one. There is a way to replace the touch screen only. I will update.

Another issue I have after I replaced the HID low beam light is the memory seat buttons don't work. I found that many things need re-calibrating if you take the battery off, seats and windows including.

Also, in Canada it is still 12*C, but I put on the winter tires and rims on too early. The tires are so soft that I can't accelerate hard. So I am taking it easy.

6th Jul 2017, 03:31

July 5, 2017 - Update on my review. The ISF will not start when I finished work this afternoon. I called the CAA. Tow truck driver tried to jump start. It would click once but not start. A/C and fan worked fine without starting the engine, indicating the battery was fine. I got her towed to a garage. Most likely the starter motor. Starter motor costs $850 + tax excluding labor cost. I will post an update. This is my 3rd Lexus V8. It costs so much money to maintain a Lexus.

6th Jul 2017, 20:21

July 6, 2017 - Update on my review - The garage called me this morning. They confirmed it was the starter motor. It's going to take them around 15 hours. Then I called Lexus and others. They said the same. It's going to cost a small fortune. Around $2,000 + tax. Holy moly.

7th Jul 2017, 08:49

Lexus in general (as well as Toyota, the parent) is a very reliable car, but it is not necessarily indestructible. When parts do fail on modern Japanese cars, they can be very expensive. But I guess you weigh this up vs. how often parts actually fail. Cars are now very complicated, and no amount of craftsmanship will prevent modern components from failing unpredictably. They may last the life of the car, or fail tomorrow.