9th Mar 2004, 05:46

I have had my IS200 for over three years now, from new. I've done nearly 50,000 miles in it so far, and nothing has gone wrong with it at all. I've done a lot of town and motorway driving and find it to be a lovely car. I've also had a problem with tyre wear though, again mainly on the inside of the front tyres. My current set now need replaced after less than 8000 miles. I've read on Lexus websites that this is indeed a problem with the car that is becoming more widely known. Pays to shop around for tyres though as I have had an on-line quote from the AA for tyres which I subsequently found 100 pounds cheaper, per tyre, elsewhere for the exact same tyre. Amazing.

26th Apr 2005, 23:46

Front tire wear is a problem. Solution is to have a tire shop swap the left with the right - that means dismounting and remounting the tires!

Suspect there is a lot of camber in the front wheels to give high speed stability. Handling is very good. Like others who have complained about the engine lacking power I have to agree for the automatic transmission. Fun to drive car, but totally impractical for loading large items. Had the fuel gage read zero with a full tank many times - dealer had no way to fix it. Replaced front struts at about 20k miles. Headrests restrict rear view when reversing. CD changer jammed. Replaced tiny battery 4 times. Have really no sentiments for this overpriced Toyota - just sold it.

14th Nov 2006, 04:06

An IS200 is classier than an A4 or a 3 series - no way! I think the interior is cramped and dated with poor quality, tacky plastics. It is also very dated. A good try by Toyota, but not good enough. The new IS200 is in another league, but I suspect the interior with date much more quickly than the timeless, simple design of an A4 or 3series.