1990 Lexus LS 400 ECT from North America


World most reliable luxury car


Replaced Power Steering Pump at 176,000 miles. Whole operation system for A/C broke at 150,000 miles. Broken driver seat (not straight)

General Comments:

This is the most reliable used car I ever owned in my life. I bought this car for about $3,000. It had a couple of problems as mentioned up there. I had no intention of keeping this car, I just wanted to fix it and make some cash. I've been a mechanic for 17 years and never saw a car which was neglected as much as this car was. The previous onwer did not maintain this car in anyway. All he did was change the motor oil. Transmission fluid + Filter, spark plugs, Air filter, Differential fluid, and engine coolant was never changed. Suprisingly this car still handle as if it was new! The transmission was never changed and it still operates in great running condition, differential is still smooth, and there was no damage to the cooling system. I was also suprised that this car doesn't leak any oil. The interior is like new after 176,000 miles and 5 owners. I also forgot to mention the workmanship on the body. This car is harder to dent then a regular car (chevy, ford, toyota), and the paint still shines like it did in the showroom at 1990. And guess what? The previous owner never waxed the car once. I finished repairing this car in about 4 days. Spent $2,000 total; tune up, new tires, new pump, cooling system, brakes, transmission fluid filter, differential, and other small stuff. After 2 weeks of trying to sell it, (people who don't know jack about cars say "the mileage is too high and its the end for this car"). Oh well I said their loss. I sold my other used car and decided to keep this one.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? No

Review Date: 6th September, 2003

15th Nov 2003, 10:49

The car sounds wonderful. So I am intrigued to know why you wouldn't buy another one from this manufacturer?

21st Dec 2003, 21:46

I have the same car and the drivers seat won't go back straigh, it goes on an angle. what is the problem?

8th May 2004, 05:27

The whole seat assembly inside is messed up. The most you can do is remove the seat and hit it to the position you would like it in, or just put on a seat cushion. Which was what I did...

Its not that I wouldn't buy another car from this manufacture, I just wouldn't purchase a "new" one. The maintence cost for this 14 year old car is high enough, just imagine how big the hole in your wallet is going to be for the 2003.

1990 Lexus LS 400 4.0 from UK and Ireland


A large overrated Toyota


After two weeks ownership, had to replace a suspension arm bush due to knocking from the front.

Very poor fuel consumption, average 16mpg on combined usage. Dealer can find no fault, says accept it, it is a 4 litre car??

Excessive vibration. Again the dealer says this is normal???

Just had to replace both front tie bar bushes due to creaking from the front suspension. Fault was cured - 150 miles later same fault re-occurs.

General Comments:

The car has a full Lexus service history and many receipts going back 4 years, so has been serviced correctly. My experience with Lexus has been very poor - it drives well, apart from the vibration, creaking suspension and excessive fuel consumption. I have owned large engine Mercedes before, but the quality and fuel consumption was far better than the Lexus. My local Lexus dealer seems unable to find faults on the car - they cured the suspension fault only for it to return 3 weeks later.

Would I own another Lexus - not even as a gift. It is up for sale and I am looking for another Mercedes.

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Review Date: 5th February, 2002

7th Jul 2002, 07:28

This reviewer bought the car with 140K miles on the clock. I bought a brand new one and of course have none of these problems. Germans envy the Lexus brand saying that they follow the production procedures to the letter. I suspect he has bought a car which is a lemon even though the mechanic says there is no problem with the car. If he's only getting 16mpg out of it I'd suggest he buys a sports car to suit his driving style.