1992 Lexus LS 400 4.0L V8 MPI DOHC 24v from North America


An extremely well made car that delivers a lot of luxury and the best ride of any car.


Absolutely nothing has gone wrong since I have owned the car.

In the documentation I have there are records of the following minor problems (all repaired at the Lexus dealership) :

The power antenna apparatus was malfunctioning and replaced at 37,829 kilometers.

The LCD display for the temperature settings began to fade out at 59,023 kilometers, but has began to come back slowly after the fuses were updated.

The glove box light failed and was replaced at 51,828 kilometers.

Other than these minor problems the car is virtually new.

I have maintained it excellent condition.

General Comments:

This the by far the best car I have ever owned. I wanted to purchase one back in 1992, but could not afford it at the time, so when I returned from over seas I spotted this car at the local Lexus dealership. It had low mileage and was in immaculate condition. I bought it with confidence as the original owner was a 63 year old oral surgeon who lived 8 kilometers from the dealership, hence it was dealer maintained since new for every single service and tune up. There were extensive records of oil changes with premium synthetic high grade oil every 2,000 kilometers since it was not driven very often. Included in the records was a thorough service every 10,000 kilometers and receipts of every visit to the gas station using premium unleaded fuel. The car has never been through an automatic or touch-less car wash. It was and still is detailed at the Lexus dealership every two months.

This is only touching the surface of the extensive maintenance of this pristine automobile. I believe a car should be well taken care of, since it is the second most expensive investment any has to make besides a home.

The LS400 drives extremely smoothly, you almost have to watch the tachometer jump up to signify the car starting because the engine is so quiet. The drive-train is bulletproof and perfectly mated to the four speed automatic transmission which shifts very smoothly (it is hard to over-rev this engine because of its design). It achieves amazing fuel efficiency for a V8, even though it is a small one at four liters. Overall an outstanding car to drive, especially on the highway where you can really let the engine breathe its power.

As for reliability, nothing comes close to it, as Lexus has earned J.D. Power's most reliable car every year since its arrival in North America in 1990.

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Review Date: 9th January, 2003

1992 Lexus LS 400 4.0L V8 Quad Cam 32V from North America


Drives like a dream...I've got to get another one!


Air Conditioning Compressor went out two weeks after I bought it at 150,000 miles. $1500 for a new one.

When I bought it, the LCD display for the clock and stereo was already gone, and at $600 to replace it, it will stay that way.

Power window/locks switch in driver's door steadily going out, first the passenger door wouldn't lock, now the window won't roll down, and now the rear passenger window won't roll down. $500 for a new switch.

Rear main seal went at 160,000 miles. A clean $500 fix.

General Comments:

Smoothest, quietest ride I've ever experienced. Like riding on air. The V8 is so smooth, you don't even realize you're accelerating until you look at the speedometer.

Tons of power from the V8, but handles like a tuna boat.

Leather seats are in good shape at 165,000 miles, but they are hard compared to newer cars.

This car is smoother, and more pleasant to drive than almost all of the new cars on the market.

This car is in great shape for its age, but when something does go wrong, it's costly.

Fuel economy isn't bad, at around 22mpg, considering the V8, though you have to use premium gasoline.

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Review Date: 22nd September, 2002