1997 Lexus LS 400 4.0L from North America


I feel as if this vehicle was custom built for me, love it



General Comments:

I am 67 years old, I have owned sports cars (Corvettes, MGs, Miatas), trucks (F150, Tacoma, Nissan) and more cars than I would believe. I picked up my 1997 Coach edition on the last day of the IoLa Wisconsin car show for $3500 because the owner did not want to transport it home. Thank You Jesus!!!

I own 6 other vehicles, but I now almost exclusively drive the Lexus; it is a quick, smooth ride, comfortable, and cheap to drive.

I looked at a LS460 in Madison WI. But I like the LS400 better (ride and handling etc). I am headed to Florida soon to look at a couple more 400 coaches so I have a back up in case of future problems (none expected). I can't really explain why I like this car so much, I just feel good when I get in and drive it. So I guess if the shoe fits, wear it.

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Review Date: 1st June, 2017

2nd Jun 2017, 23:28

You put over 100,000 miles on this car in 4 years?

3rd Jun 2017, 13:44

Maybe he is in sales.

1997 Lexus LS 400 from North America


Nothing has gone wrong with the car.

General Comments:

Nearly all comments on this car have been positive. A couple have said it is boring and to this I must agree. But it is safe and seemingly reliable transportation. I guess if you want exciting, a BMW might be more your style.

My only gripe with the LS400 is in regard to comfort. Most will say that it is a comfortable car, but honestly, I feel more comfortable in my 86 Nissan 720 pickup. One problem is, where do you put your hand or arm when cruising down the highway. Especially your left arm. Putting the seat back a comfortable distance for your legs leaves the armrest for your left arm too far forward. And, my legs are average length for my 5'11", 185 lb frame.

One of the things I enjoy doing on a long road trip is lowering the driver's side window and placing my arm on the window ledge during nice weather. This is uncomfortable with the Lexus, as the center post is too far forward to allow for a comfortable position for my left arm.

I thought the seats were comfortable when I bought the car at the beginning of the winter. I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly the seats seemed to comform to the temperature of my back during the cold weather without the heated seats. Probably due to excellent insulation in the seats I thought. However, this blessing in the winter has turned out to be a negative in warmer weather, as the seats always feel hot on my back, necessitating using the AC. This is true, even on days when it is in only the 60s.

Lastly, the cabin, near the feet and calves, always seems hot, even on days in the lower 60's. Thus you have to fiddle around with the AC, vents, mode and so on to get a comfortable temperature. Again, my truck is more comfortable in all these regards, so it is not like I am really a nitpicker. The car is genuinely uncomfortable.

In summary, I must say regrettably, this is not a car I would want to take on a long road trip. It is just not comfortable to me. Check out these points for yourself if you look at one.

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Review Date: 12th April, 2011

30th Jul 2011, 01:21

I wrote the review above, and have a couple of other comments now that I have driven the car about 5,000 miles.

The first is, I don't like the transmission. If you stomp on the gas to pass at certain speeds, it goes into too low a gear to be at the car's optimum power band. In other words, the car just doesn't have anywhere near the power you would expect at that time. In fact it is unexpectedly sluggish, which could get you into trouble while you are passing until you get used to the car. Incidentally, I have glanced at the tach during these times, and it doesn't go into the red zone. It goes up to the RPMs you would expect.

Secondly, the car does not have all the bells and whistles that others seem so pleased about. I compare it to our Mercury Grand Marquis, and the car comes up short. My biggest complaint is the Lexus does not have a compass. It also does not have nearly as large a trunk, does not shed additional light to the side when you turn on the blinker, no touchpad entry, not as comfortable, and no MPG calculator on the dash to name a few things.

A few last points. The car had a complete dealer maintenance history when I bought it with around 95k. It looked to be in pristine condition. It appears to run fine. Gets good gas mileage, about like the Grand Marquis. It was never wrecked, always garaged.

I have already written about the car not being that comfortable in terms of driving position and cabin temperature maintenance. This, and my observations above, makes me wonder why almost everyone praises this car? Have we been brainwashed to adopt the favoritism toward Japanese cars that the automotive press seems to possess? The Lexus LS400 is okay, but certainly not deserving of the almost unmitigated praise some seem inclined to give it.

10th Aug 2011, 00:21

Why would I want to sell or trade my '97 Ls400 coach edition? At 156k I can't hear the engine or feel the car vibrate at all at idle.

Engage the ECT button and you should get 0-60 in 7 seconds or less. It handles lane changes and turns well enough for most average non sports car drivers.

It is so quiet and comfortable to drive. I have rented Town Cars, Grand Marks, Crown Vics, and Infinitis etc when on vacation, and there have been times that I felt I might change cars, but when I get back into my LS at the airport and pull out on the highway, I am glad to keep what I have.

I have been told and have read that "you own one of the best all around (near?) Luxury cars on the road." I hate the trunk size, and wish it had fold down rear seats and a compass, and more of a radio and better arm rests, but change for the sake of change is not worth it to me.

BTW, when it comes out of the detail room, it still turns a few heads!!