2006 Lexus LS 430 4.3L V8 from North America


Simply amazes me each day.




General Comments:

Ever since the LS400 was released, I always dreamed of having Lexus LS. My wife drove a 2001 RX300 for 490K miles and basically wanted something newer. I found this car at my local Lexus dealer with 45K miles on it via a trade in. I inspected the car and found zero issues as it was a cream puff.

For starters the comfort is tops. On long trips it really shines as you are not sore or stiff at all. The gas mileage this car gets truly amazes me to this day. This is a heavy car with very good performance. In the city it gets no less than 25 MPG. I am a 10-12 mph over the speed limit driver on the highway. It consistently gets 28-29 MPG. There are newer, much smaller cars that can't achieve these numbers. This car still has one of the lowest drag coefficient numbers around. Lexus incorporated this into so many areas. Example being if the wheels are off the ground and you spin the wheel it will literally spin for 30 seconds as the friction is extremely low. This all adds up in the efficiency.

The performance is more than you will need in 99% of situations. 0-60 in 6.3 seconds is outstanding for the size and weight of this car.

The reliability is outstanding as well. Besides the cupholder spring and the subwoofer failure, everything else is like day one. The car is still extremely tight, no squeaks, rattles etc.

This car will always be regarded as one of the top vehicles ever produced when it comes to reliability, comfort and longevity.

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Review Date: 10th September, 2023

11th Sep 2023, 21:04

The EPA city rating for this car was 16 MPG.

But YOU get "no less than 25 MPG"?

Guess those EPA drivers have a lead foot... or someone drives like a granny.

12th Sep 2023, 17:41

Good point.

12th Sep 2023, 19:51

Maybe it had an engine swap. Has almost 300k miles. May not be the original engine.

12th Sep 2023, 21:06

Well, they do go 10 - 12 MPH over the limit on the highway. Maybe they drive like a granny only in the city.

12th Sep 2023, 22:22

It's not just that - "in city driving." I can, at a stretch, somehow believe it can achieve 25 MPG at speeds below 60 MPH despite the engine size, but the road would need to be perfectly flat, the gearbox must be at its highest possible gear for the lowest speed it can handle... but it's stop and go that kills the fuel economy. Which city has these ideal road conditions?

2006 Lexus LS 430 Ultimate Package from North America


The Whisper quiet Japanese luxury cruiser!


Not one thing at all!

General Comments:

This is my 5th Lexus LS model. Since they came out in 1990, I have been proud owner of them. I had the 1990 model, the 1994 model, the 1998 model, the 2002 model, and now the 2006 model. None of the 4 other LS models that I owned never, ever, had one problem with them! And this one is following in the other LS models footsteps.

I am a chief cardiologist at a hospital in Boynton Beach Florida, and simply in love with these cars. My wife also loves this car as well. Mine is the ivory color.

Thse cars are ever so quiet that you barely hear the motor on them. I have the Ultimate package on mine, and believe me, the seats on this one are purely luxuriously comfortable.

Would I recommend one these cars to anyone? Absolutely. They are perfect for road trips, and also great for doctors like myself. Better yet, they are great for people looking for a whisper quiet, extremely dependable, safe, and very comfortable luxury cruiser.

All it takes is one test drive, and you will be a loyal fan like I have been of the LS models since they came out in 1990.

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Review Date: 23rd August, 2006

17th Dec 2006, 00:02

Good Mercedes look! Reliable cloning without the panache! Rather drive a Daimler-Chrysler with faults...

17th Dec 2006, 12:41

Wow, no faults on a brand new car! That is the greatest testimonial to reliability that I have ever heard in my life!

9th Sep 2012, 09:31

The best in the series was the 2001-2006 LS430. They will never built a series like that again. There are still a few low mileage, one owner cars out there, but once they move to the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th owners... they will never be the same.