25th Dec 2011, 01:54

There are some excellent DIY tutorials on www.lexls.com. It's really wise to read your owner's manual, and to keep up with recommended maintenance.

Other than that, the best way to prepare is to find independent mechanics who are Lexus-trained, so that when you have a repair you cannot do yourself, you know where to turn (at non-dealer repair rates). Then read up on the DIY tutorials.

Also, find and join a forum where Lexus owners share information. These sites are gold mines of information (http://us.lexusownersclub.com) and there are others. Just Google it.

19th Aug 2012, 22:01

Greetings for a final time. I began this thread a few years ago after acquiring an outstanding 1998 LS400. Well, I reluctantly parted with that wonderful 1998 LS a few months ago. At trade in time, it read just over 94,000 miles.

As wonderful as the LS400 was, & it was truly wonderful, I simply could not resist trading in on an exceptionally stunning 2004 LS430 with 47,000 miles, 1 owner & perfectly maintained.

In a couple of respects I really liked the LS400 better: It had a bit softer ride, & felt more maneuverable in general than the LS430. The reliability of the LS400 was simply amazing, & I anticipate similar reliability with the LS430.

All the best to you!

C.B., Los Angeles, Calif.

20th Aug 2012, 13:19

Good move getting the LS430. The 2001 to 2006 LS430 model was the peak of Toyota workmanship, before they ran into a few speed bumps in the later years.

In my area, good clean 2001-2006 one owner, low mileage cars are being grabbed up as soon as they hit the used car lot. Many of those cars went for $50,000-65,000 new... a great bargain in the $12,000 to $25,000 range.

For you self mechanics, make sure you pick up a technical manual for the car on eBay. It's put together like a vault... and taking it apart to fix anything will need some instructions.

28th Jun 2016, 15:44

Can you tell me where to find the bulbs for the LED clock. Mine have gone out... also, is this a job I could do myself?