4th Jun 2018, 19:44

Age old problem for car makers. Where do you put your limited budget in R&D when you build a new vehicle? If you are Toyota and building your brand new bread and butter Camry, the sky is the limit. But if you are step child of Toyota like the LS460 is, and you're only selling about 4000-5000 LS460 in the USA yearly vs selling the original LS400 in 1990 that sold over 40,000 cars in the USA, Lexus can only do so much to make that car great. Toyota sold about 387,000 Camrys in the USA in 2017 vs about 4000-5000 Lexus LS460 in 2017; where do you think Toyota is going to invest its precious R&D money at.

You bought an expensive low volume car from Lexus. There is a reason that so many people buy the Toyota Camry, and it's not always about what they can afford. Smart people know this is where Toyota is putting their resources at. Your car is probably a car they would like to disappear and put a big, fat, expensive, overloaded SUV in its place. You have a car that they are probably losing money on too...

N Cary

14th Jun 2018, 09:28

I like that logic, it’s a speciality sort of car so it's not as well engineered in the reliability area... I can’t disagree. It’s a new way of looking at it.

It’s unfortunate though, the LS460 is a pretty low tech car; I mean the new Honda Accord has more tech goodies than my 2017 LS460. So I’d figure, a simple low tech car comparatively that they would elect to compete, and an area their competitors don’t do so well in since the tech isn’t an area of emphasis. Since I don’t have much tech, I’d expect the panels on the dash to line up correctly, the bumpers to be fastened and quiet, the motor to run properly, the headliner not to be getting lumpy; you know the basics that have been perfected over many many years. But to not get that right, it’s truly disappointing.

Its European competitors might not be as reliable, but my Mercedes always seemed well put together, and was just as unreliable as the Lexus has been, but I got a quality feeling good, and the Mercedes dealer always found and fixed the problem. I never went in multiple times to have something fixed.