19th Jun 2009, 13:01

The VSC and Check engine lights could have come on because the vacuum hose that's connected to the air filter got disconnected.

23rd Jun 2009, 12:38

"Later I learnt that RX300 model is definitely not a maintenance free vehicle since this is one of the design issues the model has."

Lexus is Toyota, and I can assure you, Toyota is NOT a "maintenance free" car by any stretch of the imagination. Just note some of the horror stories on here about Camry and Tundra issues. As far as "maintenance free", very few cars come close to ANY domestic in terms of low maintenance. Tune-ups on my GM cars aren't even required or recommended until 100,000 miles. My 9-year-old Pontiac has required one light bulb and front brake pads at a cost of $17 at 70,000 miles (the rear pads are STILL original). My 7-year-old GMC has never had ANY problems.

I tire of reading comments assuming Japanese vehicles are somehow magically perfect. We put 325,000+ miles on a lowly Ford with less than $500 in repairs over 17 years. Our Dodge was sold in perfect condition at 240,000+ miles. It had required 2 brake jobs, two timing belts and 1 hose. Our Buick La Sabre was sold at 277,000 miles. It had never had ANY problems beyond brakes, belts and hoses.

One the flip side, our Japanese imports both were ready for the junk yard before 100,000 miles. In fact, the Honda WAS sold to a junk dealer at 99,000 miles with parts of the engine's innards poking through a hole in the block.

Consumer Reports ran an article on long-lasting vehicles in their October, 2007 issue. The longest lasting vehicle featured was NOT a Toyota, Honda or even a Lexus. It was a FORD with 488,000+ miles.

21st Jan 2011, 04:03

I'd take a Ford any day. What I'd take over a Ford is a diesel. Japanese cars are great, if made in Japan. Or if made before 1998.

Diesel really is the way to go. Cleaner on the environment, and very efficient in a small car, such as the VW Jetta TDI.

29th Jan 2015, 05:25

If you read the comments on other year models, 99 and 00 are not the only ones with problems. I have a 2002 and have a transmission problem for the third time.