27th May 2009, 15:17

Typical used car dealer short term fix!

18th Jun 2009, 16:22

I'm trying to visalize dumping Motor Honey (or some variant) into a 5yr. old Lexus... I'd trade it in on a less oppulent car- Lexus/MB/Audi, etc. all overpriced, overstuffed, too expensive to buy, register, maintain! Perhaps a nice Honda Accord or a Jeep Liberty would be a nice way to go.

18th Jun 2009, 17:59

EXCELLENT advice!! THANK YOU!! As a mechanic I try to stress the importance of these kinds of maintenance/preventative maintenance fixes, but for some reason it almost seems people WANT to pay more for such things. It boggles my mind that people will pay hundreds of dollars to have injectors cleaned (or replaced) when adding a $5 can of cleaner to the fuel tank once every 5,000 miles will keep the injectors clean for the life of the car. I do this RELIGIOUSLY with all 4 of our vehicles.

I also endorse your advice in adding seal-softener compound to ANY car at 60,000 or so miles even if the seals are NOT leaking. The compound softens the seals so that future leaks (costing THOUSANDS TO FIX) are avoided.

It doesn't matter if you drive an Aveo or a BMW these things apply and can save thousands of dollars. I keep trying to educate people on this, but it is like herding cats!!

18th Jun 2009, 18:07

"Do you recommend just trading it in?"

As a mechanic, YES, I'd recommend trading it. If the seal softener mentioned by one of the (very correct) commenters won't solve the problem, you are looking at thousands to repair it, and my friend had this same problem, paid over $3000 to have it repaired and the repair lasted exactly ONE WEEK. THEN they sold the car (at a HUGE loss).

I'd look into getting a new 2010 Ford Fusion unless it is beneath your dignity. These are some of the best built cars on the planet, with a reliability rating that beats both Camry and Accord. Since the car you are driving IS a Camry you will find the Fusion an incredible car at almost half the new-car price of the car you own. We've been the ego-mobile route (BMW and Mercedes). I found it far more sensible to buy a new Mustang AND a Fusion, take a two week Mediterranean cruise and pocket about 10 grand in change.

18th Jun 2009, 20:34

I've owned a new Jeep Liberty and my wife owns a now 10 year-old Lexus RX300 - Trust me, the Lexus is the way to go.

Unless you go off-road, of course.

30th Mar 2010, 09:32

To the commentor that recommended getting rid of the Lexus RX and getting a Ford Fusion.

Even if they weren't very different vehicles (the Lexus RX is a Crossover SUV, the Fusion a Sedan), going from a Lexus to a Ford would be like switching from Filet Mignon to a Big Mac.