26th Nov 2005, 15:55

It seems the RX is the only Lexus with the transmission problems. One of my Lexus' is a 99 RX, but it only has 33,000 miles cause I drive my GS cause the better gas mileage. I'm kind of worried now that my warranty will end in a year (bought the car certified in 2004). I might be putting some miles on the RX just incase it happens then the warranty will cover it. I put about 30,000 miles a year on my cars cause of my work. Ill never change the make I drive, Lexus, even if I do have some problems. Look at JD power reports, Lexus has the lowest frequency of repair, which is true. My first Lexus, a 92 SC400, has 210,000 miles on it and runs like new. Ill never throw that car away. I think if I were you Id try Lexus again and not worry about the problems. If warranty covers it your fine, if not... ouch!

2nd Aug 2007, 17:04

We have an SC430 and both ignition key's "plastic" casing broke at almost the identical spot. A simple replacement part from LEXUS would be a wise thing instead of having to replace the entire key. LEXUS want almost $500 per key for something which is poorly designed (and possibly defective) in the first place.

Disappointed in the quality of LEXUS keys and the service policy from LEXUS. LEXUS should acknowledge the defect and replace the keys at no cost or minimal service charge.

SC430 owner (only for another week)...getting a Porsche Cayenne...

24th Aug 2007, 10:34

I have a 1999 RX300 with 123,000 miles. Last Tuesday I took the car to check the oil level because I felt something was wrong. Imagine my shock when I was told the engine has to be replaced. I never expected this from a LEXUS. What a sad thing it is to pay top price for a car that will have a major breakdown like that.

Have you experienced a problem like this? sandyfirestone@sbcglobal.net

24th Aug 2007, 14:35

What did they say was WRONG with the engine?

28th Feb 2008, 16:42

I had the same problem with my keys, and the dealership wanted to rape me on the price. I did however find a place online that would cut the key for me for $45 for the key and shell. Or you can have the whole entire key cut for $135 (but you have to have the original master key to program the new key). All you need is the key code or send them the original key. If you don't have it and want to cut it by VIN, they can do for an additional $15.


22nd Aug 2008, 18:41

I bought my 1999 RX300 in 2004 with 80,000 miles. It had been serviced on maintenance suggested schedule at the dealership. Just turned trouble free 112,000 miles. No transmission problems so far... thank goodness. However, the plastic key cover case just cracked in half and I'll be darn if I can figure how to change the rear 3 spark plugs!

21st Dec 2008, 13:35

2004 ES330 - Both key housings broke where the screw inserts so I used krazy glue and a rubber band for about a year, now one broke in two pieces! I don't even keep these in my pocket. I hang them on a hook at home and when I am out I put them in a large purse pocket, no stress on the keys - very defective - shame on Lexus! I agree, a simple plastic housing piece should be available, when they first started breaking, I called Lexus and was told the same story - hundreds of dollars to replace - no way. Now I have another use for duct tape! And guess what, poor advertising for Lexus since it has their logo on this key with bright green duct tape.

23rd Jan 2009, 22:36

I bought my 99 Lexus in March of '08 with 83,000 miles on it. Luckily I bought it through a dealer that guaranteed transmission and drive train for life. However, since I bought it, the transmission went out in May. I took it back to the the dealership that it was purchased from (because that is where the warranty is guaranteed, although bad idea because they had no idea how to fix it since it was not a Lexus dealer) and it took 3 weeks to get it back. Two weeks later the transmission went out again. They said it was because they got a bad transmission. Took another three weeks to get it back. Got it back and now have to make sure my hand is on the shifter when reversing because it will shift out of gear and can't move. Dealt with it. Now check engine light is on 3 months later. Wonder why? Won't do it again.

18th Dec 2009, 20:49

I have a 2004 Lexus ES330, which I purchased with 60,000 miles last year. One of my keys cracked exactly as described in the other comments. After seeing the cost of the key repair, I have applied superglue and am praying it holds!

Please let Lexus know that any future purchases that have the same key design will have me looking for a different vehicle.

19th Jul 2010, 15:35

My son bought a used Lexus. He loves the car, but he only has one key and it is also cracked in half! Any other cheaper suggestions out there?