27th Feb 2006, 10:40

Update! I am the one who originally posted the review of my 99 Lexus RX300. The dealer has been great, and has worked with me 100% to get this resolved. I was wrong about Lexus. They are a great company, and they stand behind their products and most importantly, their service. The dealer made me an incredible offer. I am getting into a brand new, 2006 RX330 for an amount way under invoice. The dealer also gave me an extra $1000 for my trade in, and gave me a great deal since I had so many problems with their service department. I was treated like I was their most important customer, and I am eager to do business with Lexus again.

For all of you who are interested in buying a used vehicle of any kind, do your home work. If you are looking at a used GM, then take the car to at GM dealer to have them inspect it. I bought my original lexus from a little hole in the wall call lot, and they sold me a car with a Sludge Engine, and many other problems. The dealer did not stand behind their vehicle at all. Lexus told me that my original car would have never made it on their lot. SO no matter what kind of car you are looking at, take it to a dealer that specializes in that make so they can give you an accurate report on the vehicle. Lexus is a great vehicle, and I am very relived that they do back up their vehicles!!!

And for the one gentleman who posted a comment, I am a man, not a woman!!

27th Feb 2006, 15:25

Sorry, but the last place I would take a car to be inspected is a dealership that sells the vehicles.

Not only are many of these "certified" vehicles a scam, but the dealership has a vested interest in telling you the car is fine even if it isn't so that you'll do all your repairs there.

I know, my friend almost got scammed at BMW dealership. They had a used 5 series that the dealership claimed was in perfect condition and their mechanics had gone inside and out. Well, I told my friend to take it to an independent mechanic. THAT mechanic looked at the car and said it had soooo many problems with it it was obvious that whoever traded it in was tired of putting money into it!

Of course, the sleazy dealer denied anything was wrong with the car even after my friend showed him the blow-by-blow description of the endless problems the car had.

The best thing is to have your car inspected by an independent mechanic whom you trust.

28th Jan 2007, 19:28

I bought a 2000 Lexus rx300 for my wife last year. Just found out rear main seal is bad. The dealer said it is a know problem for this Lexus at around 60,000 miles, which really surprised me for a Toyota product. They said they might be able to help pay for it, find out tomorrow. Reading this site makes me worry about the transmission going out soon too, so I think I am going to trade. If you read up on Yukon's and Tahoe's on this site, you'll see they have lots of problems too. Trying to figure out what to buy...

28th Jan 2007, 21:19

If you don't shop with an ego there are a lot of nice cars. I would go domestic 100,000 mile warranty and buy a sharp black Trailblazer or a new Suburban which I drive. I once owned Mercedes during the 80's, but stopped trying to impress.

4th Feb 2007, 20:31

No ego involved here, we actually passed on it the first time we saw it because of the name, the price and gas mileage were right, and I did have faith in Toyota products (I have a 2000 Tacoma with 115000 miles on it, no problems, and original brake pads) so we said OK, and a Honda Pilot would cost 3000 more. But, I think I will pass on the next Lexus. I would like to get a new Tahoe, especially with the 100,000 mile warranty, but can't afford new.

4th Nov 2007, 14:52

All of the information provided here on this site had been very valuable. I have an RX 300, and I had come to this site to read past questions of the Antifreeze that my SUV utilized. I had run low and it's Sunday and I will have to run to the dealership to pick up some. My issue is I wondered why there had not been very much in the reservoir.

And no one locally sold/sells the OE Service Coolant/Antifreeze...

Thanks, Tammi.

15th Nov 2007, 19:30

I bought a 2000 Rx300 Lexus SUV several years ago. It's been a GREAT car, requiring NO major servicing.

I've always had the Rx300 serviced by Lexus dealers -- my ex-professional car mechanic (exotic cars) buddy recommends that these days you take newer cars to dealers -- they've got the necessary computerized diagnostic equipment, whereas independent dealers often have to work with dealers anyway. Dealer prices aren't any more than the better independents charge anyway.

I've always used "Elite" Lexus dealers -- they're the cream and don't charge any more, and their service and caring for customers is WONDERFUL. And legendary.

I always use synthetic oil -- Mobil One or equivalent -- to minimize the possibility of engine sludge buildup, which has been a problem in a few Rx300s.

My Rx300 is still running like new with 80K miles (of which I put on 50K) down in dusty Baja, just south of San Diego. It's the perfect vehicle for that part of the world. And still one of the quietest and smoothest SUVs on the road -- no rattles at all, still tight as a drum.

20th Feb 2008, 13:43

I have owned a 1999 rx300 since I bought it new in September of that year. It has 110,000 miles on it. At about 100,000 I had the timing belt and water pump replaced, new shocks, struts and tires, changed all fluids etc. Other than 3,000 mile oil changes, that has been it. The vehicle is still tight, comfortable and reliable. I would buy another one without hesitation.

28th Mar 2008, 11:38

I used to have the Lexus RX 300 '99 for 5 years and recently traded it in for a new Ford Taurus. I am very happy I did. The RX gave me so many problems.

I had to replace bolt joints 5 times over the 5 years. Then the alternator had to be replaced twice and it apparently killed my battery, which also had to be replaced.

The check engine light came on a few times, and then my transmission went. I had to replace it. I also replaced the shocks as the vehicle was wobbling.

The AC broke twice and it wasn't the fluid, but something else.

There were much more things that broke, which I don't know the names of as I am a woman and don't know that much about cars.

Anyways I am very happy with my Ford and the Ford dealers are very nice and friendly, unlike Lexus dealers. I would recommend everyone buying a new Ford Taurus, it is much more reliable than the Lexus RX.

30th Mar 2008, 00:04

To comment on the original review - The vehicle has 174,000 miles on it and you think Lexus builds junk???

My wife owns a '99 RX 300, and the vehicle has been a delight since day one, and Lexus service has been terrific.

I personally believe the RX 300 to be a fine vehicle.

26th May 2008, 21:50

We bought a certifed 2000 RX300 several years ago. Generally happy with vehicle. Aggravating stuff like driver visor will not stay in-position (even after replaced under warranty), hatch shocks don't really lift (also briefly fixed under warranty), alternator, starter (did not use Lexus service),... Dealer recently claimed we had bad rear main seal, quoted $1700, and the mechanic down the street replaced oil pan gasket for 1/4 the cost. Was much happier with quality of dealer service in Atlanta, not impressed with north Houston dealer over past 5 years. As with many of these vehicles, they will last and hold value - - but you role the dice if something serious does go wrong outside of warranty - - because Lexus repairs can be $$$$$.

24th Jul 2008, 16:42

I am having problems with my clock, power locks and air conditioning... Help RX300 1999.