2005 Lexus SC 430 4.3 V8 from Australia and New Zealand


Beautiful and enticing, a repair money pit


VVTI hub oil leaks.

Power steering pump oil leak.

Rocker cover gasket leaks.

Vacuum line leak.

Radiator to tank leak.

Multiple suspension busing and joint failures.

General Comments:

A brilliant car to drive, very soft and moderate performance. Will get up and boogie, however that is not the aim of the car; Opulence? Maybe.

I bought the car with the aim of reliability... However, beware, ensure the service history is comprehensive. These are still expensive cars aimed at wealthy owners. They ride heavy so do wear the suspension parts out quicker than expected. The 3uz V8 is meant to be reliable, however can spring oil leaks. The 6 speed auto is very smooth and chooses the right gears on its own.

I paid 16k for the car and spend nearly 4k ensuring all fluids and belts, pumps and thermostats were replaced as preventative maintenance; However she is unfortunately still full of the odd surprise which has so far lead to 14k in total repair.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Don't Know

Review Date: 11th April, 2022

24th Dec 2022, 13:31

Don't be too disheartened. I bought a 2004 Jaguar XJ8 in 2018 for $16k. Had 247000km. Have spent 33k on repairs and maintenance over 5 years, but it's running beautifully now at 315000km. Will be keeping long term. Keep the SC430 long term coz it's an underrated car and looks great.

27th Dec 2022, 18:32

I am surprised at your issues with your 2005 SC430. Edmunds.com has it rated at 4.9 stars by owners and carcomplaints.com has it only at 2 issues from owners on it.

29th Dec 2022, 09:29

The car was already 14 years old when the reviewer first owned it. On the average, Lexus is the most reliable and dependable luxury car at present, as is parent company Toyota for mainstream cars. But like anything, they can break, and do, just less often than its peers.