17th Jun 2007, 01:14

I'm from Australia. Currently about to buy a worked version. 1992 DUB V8 4.0l for around $15,000. This is a bargain; the car with the amount of value in it is worth $20,000+. under 100,000. Very hard to come by.

Depending on the condition on the car, the cost you got was a bargain as well. Have fun, they are an amazing car.

23rd Dec 2007, 18:54

I've got a '92 and have 335,000 on it. Just replaced the starter and need to replace the power steering. It is incredible.

1st Feb 2009, 16:28

I have a Lexus RX 300 and it has 325000 miles on it, and I have never had a problem. I am looking for an SC. They're great cars. It's all my family drives; we have 4 and every one runs like a beast.

16th Apr 2010, 21:25

I just bought a 92 Lexus SC400. It has 207,000 miles. I got it for 3,500; I'm guessing that's good compared to other comments, but mine shakes on the freeway around 65 mph. What can be the problem??

Also it doesn't accelerate like it's suppose to, why is that??? What are the things I should look into getting checked out or replaced?

1st Aug 2010, 14:27

I just bought a SC400 1993 with 114 000 Km (70 000 miles) on it for 3000; safety and E tested... Good deal?

19th Jun 2011, 15:24

I just bought my 92 SC400 for 2500, got it for a steal. Car has 67,000 miles on the motor, everything in the car worked except for the CD player, which I replaced with a two din Pioneer navigation system. The car has few mods, a K&N intake system, and an exhaust system (don't know the make, but makes no noise like catbacks or some Magnaflows make). Had the speed cluster redone by a company in FL.

Overall the car is in great condition, gets me about 25 miles on street and 30 or so on highway, which is pretty good for a V8. Anyone know what other mods can be done to the car to get more hp? At the moment it's running around 270.