30th Dec 2006, 04:34

I find the coments on the Toyota Soarer rather odd, the 4.0 GTL is both quick and reliable. There are two points I would like to make, firstly these cars are now 15 years old, it would be expected to find parts wearing out on a vehicle of this age, secondly there is no such vehicle as a Lexus Soarer all these cars are in fact Toyota, Lexus is just a brand name of Toyota which was used for their export market, the badges are put on these cars by their owners. Finaly I have owned two of these cars for a total of nine years and yes I have had to do repairs on them, but only what I would expect on a 15 year old car.

19th Aug 2007, 16:32

We have owned a Toyota Soarer for five years now in the UK. Worst problem we've had was heater matrix burst; a pig to change, but the rest of car is immaculate. We have full history from japan and it's now at 125 thousand miles. It goes like a rocket. You must have got a dog one; there are loads around.

3rd Jun 2008, 03:40

Sound like the car has had its odometer wound back, or it has been neglected/abused by its previous owner. Otherwise they have typical Toyota reliability, as we have a Camry which has done 360000 kms, and its engine doesn't rattle despite the fact that it head gasket went a while back, which was a mission to replace.

24th Dec 2010, 10:59

I'm sorry, but your car has been obviously wound back.

Over the past 9 years or so, I have purchased 3 of these lovely cars; two turbo models and one V8. All have been virtually flawless except for one dead starter motor and radiator top tank (replaced immediately upon purchase of my second Soarer).

They are plentiful, yes. Finding one that hasn't been abused, just like any other private import, is the tricky part.

4th Apr 2011, 13:29

Hi, can someone tell me where I can buy a radiator for my Toyota Soarer 4ltr v8 4cam 32 valve?

4th Apr 2011, 14:38

I have had very good luck with ebay... even though it is a headache to find stuff on it... you have to keep inputting description on the search input until you find what you want...... it's not very organized...

Also that car here in the States is called the Lexus SC400/sc300 model... I don't see that many on the roads anymore, so the wrecking yards would be full of parts to keep that car going for a very long time......