1980 Leyland Mini Clubman 1.3 from UK and Ireland


Very unreliable, but has moments of brilliance


Indicators stopped working, faulty hazard switch to blame.

Rotten sills, floor pans and wheel arches both sides.

Distributor prone to moisture, resulting in backfiring and a choked air cleaner.

Interior light stopped working despite changing the bulb.

Loose contacts in fuse box means sidelights sometimes don't work.

Brakes require constant attention and adjustment, pulls to one side and squeals very loudly.

White cream on inside of rocker box.

Accelerator cable rusted through and snapped. Pedal bulkhead mountings also rusted so pedal is loose.

Synchromesh on 2nd gear wearing out.

Exhaust snapped suddenly at the front downpipe.

Rev counter faulty.

Water leaks into car leaving the floor wet.

General Comments:

This car presents a new fault every time you fix it. It's very uncomfortable and noisy, but you'd expect that from a car of this size.

Performance is disappointing, with a maximum of around 85mph from the 1275 A series engine, and fuel consumption is not especially good either, at slightly under 30mpg.

The only advantages to this car are the handling, and ease of parking and maneuverability.

Only a fully restored version could be relied upon as a daily driver.

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Review Date: 26th February, 2009

1966 Leyland Mini Austin 998 cc from Australia and New Zealand


Good enough car for it time, probably not suitable for conditions, but tough enough if driven well


Very little.

Exhaust bracket broke on extremely rough roads on trip to Namibia from South Africa.

Other than above normal wear and tear CV joint boots, replaced cross ply tires with Yokohama radials.

General Comments:

First car, did a road trip in this car from South Africa to Namibia in late seventies about 500 miles of bad dirt and heavy sand total distance over 1000miles.

Mini did not miss a beat 22 hours non stop.

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Review Date: 31st October, 2008

1976 Leyland Mini 1.0 from Australia and New Zealand


A fun car with character


Speedometer cable broken and repaired but jumps around a bit.

Both outer door handles broken, so open door from inside through small 1/4 window which haven't got locking clips any more.

Petrol gauge doesn't work.

Windows leaks.

Little power going up hills.

Driver's seat springs broken.

Doesn't like to start in cold weather.

Interior roof light melted when door left opened.

Leaks oil.

General mechanical problems throughout 22 years of ownership.

General Comments:

Who cares about all the faults I have listed. I've had this car over 22 years, and its just a ball of fun to drive. I've named it ABBA. It gets me from A to B, and hopefully back from B to A!

I never drive over 80km/h, though one day I got it to 100km/h going down hill in neutral.

Its great for parking. When I had to go to hospital for 6 weeks of daily treatment, I parked in the Motor Cycle parking area.

I've had this car over 22 years, as a second car. I've had 8 other first cars. My wife hates it - I love it.

Other drivers seem more courteous to Mini drivers, often waving to you to let let you change lanes or enter onto an intersection.

Little kids are always yelling to you "Mr Bean"!

Due to fading, and re-touching, the one colour paint work is about 3 shades - shiny, dull, and very dull.

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Review Date: 18th August, 2008

1976 Leyland Mini Clubman 1.0 from Australia and New Zealand


Awesome fun to drive and cheap to run!


Blown head gasket.

Broken engine mount.

Need new clutch master cylinder.

Speedo needed recalibrating.

Passenger door window regulator broken.

General Comments:

All the problems listed above were present in Mini when I bought it. I am slowly fixing it up at the moment. Usual rattles exist as with all older cars.

It unfortunately has no radio but soon to be rectified.

Absolutely awesome car to drive, and surprisingly has some grunt. Great for parking, as it can fit into pretty much any tight space.

We get a lot of positive comments from people while out and about, and it is much admired by friends and family.

Unbeatable on running cost value. $20 fills the fuel tank and lasts me ages!

I would definitely recommend this car to others.

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Review Date: 19th May, 2008