1966 Lincoln Continental Sedan 462 cid 7.6 L V8 from North America


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So far, nothing. Just routine maintenance and care.

General Comments:

For such a big car it is surprisingly quick; however, I guess that's what you'd come to expect from such a gargantuan engine.

Extremely roomy and comfortable; no modern car beats it in that area.

The suicide doors are one of the most unique features I've ever seen on an American car.

While I think the car can run on unleaded fuel, I use a lead additive just to be safe, as I believe the big V8s of the time were high compression and needed this stuff to function without damage.

Has options and features I never expected for the 1960s; power windows, power locks, cruise control, and all.

Powerful power steering, you can literally steer this car with a finger. And for such a big car, it actually doesn't handle as badly as one would expect.

Well I never used to like these kind of cars, I always saw them as "old" and "obsolete". I preferred driving luxury brands like BMW and Audi and I never questioned it. Well that all changed when I saw the Lincoln Continental that Vincent Savino drove in the show Vegas. Right then, I had a sort of revelation and fell in love with these kind of cars.

I searched around for one, I wanted one in good condition, not a beater with problems, I was willing to pay more for a model in excellent condition. After about a month, my efforts bore fruit and I was a proud owner of a 1966 Continental sedan at a price of $12,500. Some may say that I paid too much, but to me it was worth every penny.

I'm surprised at how reliable and well built this car is. Forever, I'd bought into the propaganda that American cars were inferior, but here I see no skimps in quality. No expense has been spared by Lincoln and Ford to make the ultimate luxury vehicle. This car hasn't had any mechanical issues either, of course only a little over a year of ownership doesn't say that much. But the car is well put together from quality materials, and there really isn't much to go wrong.

The 462 CID V8 is really powerful, it has plenty of power and propels the big car with no effort. It's horrible on gas (8-10 MPG), but I knew from the beginning that I wasn't buying into fuel economy. It's not as quiet as myth would have you believe until you're cruising on the highway.

The 3-speed automatic transmission is smooth and tough. I can't see it being a huge problem on a car like this, especially being that I think they were used on trucks.

All round, the car is incredible looking, especially in dark blue. The car is practically all-original and I have no regrets about buying it. It's sad that there are no more smooth riding, roomy, V8 powered luxury cars like this being made for the common folk. It's an experience that can't be matched, and it get tons of attention everywhere it goes. Being in the tip top shape it's in, I fully intend to keep it that way and have no plans on selling it.

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Review Date: 4th March, 2013

13th Nov 2013, 08:25

I simply loved your review! I own a 61 Continental Sedan, and share your thoughts completely. American cars were at their best during the 50's-60's, and even well into the 70's depending on the make and model.

The 60's Continentals were truly awesome cars in every sense. The engineering and build quality are amazing. They are built with a certain care and finish that was uncommon supposedly in those days, even amongst the likes of Cadillac, and that is why they were so expensive when new. They feel like a tank while driving, everything has weight to it, the doors are very heavy and substantially thick. The fit and finish is top notch with no squeaks or rattles, everything feels heavy duty... The real walnut wood trim in the 61-63's was tasteful, and a touch of quality that the other luxury car makers didn't even offer...

I own a 61 with the 430 MEL, and you have the very rare 462 block, which are both enormously great tough reliable motors. The styling is obviously the best aspect about these cars, including the suicide doors! (Now that's classy) But many people didn't know that Ford during this time really wanted Lincoln to be the most well built luxury car in the market, which was well documented by its warranty, 189 point inspection and 12 mile road test of every single Continental to check for any problems before it left the assembly plant!

It's so sad seeing how great Lincoln used to be, and how respected the brand once was. The 60's Continental were special cars in their own unique way, they looked like nothing else on the road back then, and actually paved the way in styling of the 60's for other car companies such as Cadillac, Buick and Chrysler to follow. The clean slab sided, knife edge fenders, and smooth lines were all a Lincoln first, and it was their trademark all the way up until 1989 with the Town Car.