10th Mar 2014, 18:50

I couldn't agree more with the review. I just recently purchased a one owner 66 Continental coupe that has a few little things to do and shine up. I was surprised with the factory leather quality, the speed of the power windows, and the lines of the car are simply amazing. I will keep this car for a long time to come. Perhaps we will make a change in elections and gas prices will go down again.

11th Mar 2014, 10:33

Gas prices should never be a factor, and usually aren't. Few people I know that own collectible classics care about fuel. Typically they are weekend fun cars that are at cruise nights and shows. Then factor the antique low insurance costs and exempt tags. On average you are allowed a couple of thousand miles a year. I am lucky to drive half that on mine. If I burn a tank, even at 8 MPG, who cares? It's so minimal for the enjoyment attained. I pay less than 400 per car annually with high HP vehicles. If a Lincoln is your dream car, buy one. Life's too short to fret over 2 or 3 tanks of gas a month.

11th Mar 2014, 16:03

Well unless the next president does something about the ridiculous CAFE mileage standards that are currently in place, we will be mandated to buying compacts and sub-compacts in a decade even if gas costs $1 per gallon!

12th Mar 2014, 16:35

Seriously, you would quit driving? I would throw away the packs of cigarettes, quit the lattes, nail salons and yoga classes first. Then buy a convertible sports car and drive to the beach as usual.

13th Mar 2014, 12:00

So I will drive a used C7. No way a new sub compact.

13th Mar 2014, 15:23


Just don't pay $12,500 for a '66 with four doors.

2nd Apr 2014, 19:05

$12,500 for any 1966 Continental in good shape isn't actually such a bad deal. In fact, that's pretty good. Most are in crap condition and many hardly run any more. I've seen what some people are asking for crap cars of this era and it's ridiculous.

4th Apr 2014, 00:13

These cars are becoming harder and harder to find in good shape for a reasonable price. Now it's like one has to fork out $6,000 for a project that needs all kinds of resto work. But to think how expensive and high quality 60's Continentals are, that's still pretty cheap compared to paying $54,000 + today, which was an equivalent to $6,500 back in the 60's.

If you find one in good running condition, pick it up, because trying to replace all the hard mechanical parts is very expensive on these Lincs, as 60's Conti's (especially the 61-65 models) were truly unique cars and were "Lincoln" specific till about 69.

Ford vehicles didn't share anything with the Continentals during this time aside from the T-bird cowls; that's what makes them truly special, beautiful, wonderful well built luxury rides.

4th Apr 2014, 05:13

I always stay away from any 4 door car unless it's suicide doors. All the time, expense and trying to sell later with zero gain.