1973 Lincoln Continental Four Door (Town Car) 460 4bl from North America


The epitome of American Luxury Sedans


At 90,000 miles the hydraulics went in the car and I had no power steering or braking abilities. They were replaced for around $700.00.

General Comments:

This car was the American lap of big car luxury.

It rode like you were riding on air.

Leather seats were soft yet firm.

Power accessories and lighting everywhere.

Rode without squeaks or rattles until it was over 20 years old.

Doors closed as solid as a bank vault.

Engine and transmission were quiet and smooth.

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Review Date: 5th October, 2009

18th Jan 2012, 00:47

Like most barges from the 70's, this one sucks gas, but when it comes to old cars, getting parts is the biggest problem. Not with these 70's Lincolns; except for body sheet metal, all parts are still available and cheap at your local Autozone, NAPA, etc.

20th Apr 2014, 19:48

The biggest problems with the 1970s Lincolns (like the 1960s ones too) is that they ride on a unique platform. Technically, they share the same platform with the Ford LTD and Mercury Marquis, but in actuality they use a different version. Think of it like Ford's equivalent to GM's C/D body compared to their B body.

However, unlike the GM C/D body, Ford never defined this unique Lincoln platform, making obtaining some parts harder than they have to be. And many parts from the LTD and Marquis won't cross over either, as the Lincoln is put on this unknown, larger platform.

21st Apr 2014, 23:59

The 60's Continental's shared literally nothing with any Ford or Mercury vehicle, while the 70's one's did...

Starting in the 70's, the drive trains were all pretty much the same; the typical Ford 460 or the 400 with a C6 was used in big Fords, Mercury and Lincolns. This is one reason why I feel this decade wasn't nearly as special compared to a Cadillac, because Ford never bothered to build a special "Lincoln Only" engine like they did in the 60's. They got cheap.

Obviously the Lincolns were a lot bigger, and used unique interior components and materials that are hard to find. Lincoln just didn't build a whole lot of Continentals compared to Cadillac with their Devilles and Fleetwoods, so parts in generally are harder to come by. The Lincolns were also better built, they were quieter inside, and rode the smoothest vs the other siblings (Ford, Mercury), which is all that matters at the end of the day...

1973 Lincoln Continental Ford 460 from North America


If god had to buy a car, this would be it


At first the car would not start, but that was because it had been sitting for several years. It's now running perfectly.

General Comments:

When I went to look at the car, it was not only garaged, but also had the car cover on inside the garage. When the cover came off, it was like looking at a 1973 Lincoln straight off the line.

There is no rust.

The engine is immaculate.

The leather interior is like new, no damage.

It doesn't drive, it glides. I have never encountered a car like this.

I owned a Buick beforehand, and even that cannot compare.

It's a pain to park, and I get scared going around tight turns because I'm afraid of clobbering some little sport coupe or something.

The gas mileage, to me, isn't that bad considering I was barely doing better with the Buick. The Lincoln gets around 15.5 mpg, but has a 22-gallon tank, so the range is good.

I wish cars these days had luxury like this Lincoln. It came with a cassette player and a CB radio, which is pretty cool.

It isn't exactly quick off the line, but it has amazing torque, so I can still smoke the tires!

I'm a Lincoln man now.

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Review Date: 13th July, 2006

14th Jul 2006, 09:26

You've only put about 50 miles on it, so how would you know what mpg it gets?

15th Jul 2006, 19:34

Hello, do you still have this car and if so, do you want to sell it? I am looking for another one. I had one back in 1980 and I loved it to death. My friend talked me out of it and he enjoyed as I did until his sister totalled it. But get back to me, leave a post and we can contact each other.

13th Oct 2006, 18:32

No, I can't sell it. Now I've put over a thousand miles on it, and am getting another car to use as a daily driver so I can keep this one in great shape. I'm slowly restoring all the older parts and putting in performance stuff. I dare someone to call it slow...I'm happy to hear you like the car though.

23rd Sep 2010, 21:09

Is this the 4 door or the coupe. I know a guy selling the 4-door with 40k miles in great condition for 3800, but I'm worried that the gas money alone will cost me 3000 a year. I'd appreciate the advice. The car is beautiful, but my brain keeps telling me to stay away from it. What do you think?

25th Sep 2010, 20:29

To poster 21:09.

Sounds like a good buy! These cars are not "practical" daily drivers though. The 460 V8 loves gas! The 400 V8 is still quite thirsty. I own a '79 with the 400 engine. I only drive it 2-3 times a week during the summer months. Never winter driven :)