1989 Lincoln Continental Signature 3.8 from North America


A nice ride and comfortable interior


Paint, the paint did not hold up well, especially the upper surfaces, this I have been told was a very common problem for all 1989 Ford products. A full repaint did not cure the problem. There was no help offered by the company.

There are too many faults to list them separately, the entire car has been a constant trip to the shop.

The Lincoln/Mercury division of Ford seems to have no desire to be of service whatsoever.

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Review Date: 21st September, 2002

1989 Lincoln Continental Signature Series 3.9 V6 from North America


A car to make a poor man even poorer


Air Ride Suspension was costly to repair.

Head gasket blew at 100,000 miles.

Leather seats cracked very badly.

General Comments:

Warning from my brother the mechanic: "This car seems to be in great condition, but dig deep when things start to break!"

I should have heeded his warning. The shocks alone were over $500 each, and the $700 head gasket repair estimate gave me a heart attack.

This is a great riding car, almost made you fall asleep on long trips, but heaven forbid anything go wrong with it! The repair bills are out of this world!

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Review Date: 22nd June, 2002

5th Aug 2002, 23:31

Awful! 59,995 miles and this car has been nothing but trouble. My Continental has had all of the fore-mentioned problems only it has had them two or three times! It is presently siting in my driveway with a blown head gasket and shot motor mounts. Third time for the motor mount replacements. Forget Ford Motor Company... never will I buy another Ford product. This car is a perfect example of poor engineering and Ford has exhibited a total lack of consumer support.

1989 Lincoln Continental Signature Series 3.8 from North America


A sofa car


The ABS motor broke.

I replaced 2 inners and 1 bearing, and the idle controller.

General Comments:

It is a good car that doesn't cost much to repair, it's a 3.8 just like the Windstar. Except the ABS system and the suspension...

The ABS motor for an example at the dealer cost $3000 Can. It is a sophisticated system. I have nothing bad to say, except for that, for the Lincoln Continental. The other things, everything is normal (brake pads, alternator...)

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Review Date: 1st November, 2001

30th Aug 2003, 06:59

Can the ABS motor be changed by me.