1991 Lincoln Continental Executive 3.8 V6 from North America


Costly to own, but a pleasure to drive


- Right off the bat when I bought it the catalytic converters clogged and caused the headgaskets to go, VERY EXPENSIVE repairs.

- Next the air struts blew out one buy one, then the air ride compressor and the air ride control module.

- Alternator, starter, tires, exhaust, front wheel bearings (wich are a very difficult repair on these cars.

- Speed sensor (when these go the car can barley function)

- It now needs power steering lines.

General Comments:

One thing I have noticed from other entries on this car is everyone seems to have the same costly repairs, but overall they like the drive and comfort of the Lincoln Continental. I AGREE! I LOVE this car. It drives so nice and honestly once I had the heads re built the car has gotten very reliable. The body and interior have held up very well, the only thing I wish the car had was a moon roof.

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Review Date: 23rd February, 2007

23rd Feb 2007, 20:59

This sure seems like an AWFUL LOT of problems for a Lincoln with such low mileage. My family has driven Lincolns for 24 years and not one of ours ever had a single problem. These things are normally like new for up to 250,000 miles or so. I suspect yours was seriously abused before you got it. If a previous owner had run leaded gas in it that will ruin the converters. My brother did that with his Ford and had to replace the Converter, though thankfully his engine was not damaged. Usually if the heat backup is bad enough to cause gasket failure the engine has suffered some very serious overheating.

6th Mar 2011, 11:06

I am thankful for this site due to the fact that I have a chance to buy this same car.

Already all of the same problems have happened to his auto and needs major repairs right now. It has 119,000 miles on it and my friend is asking $2,000.00 for it. I made up my mind to not get it because I can't afford it.

1991 Lincoln Continental Signature Series 3.8L V6 from North America


Pile of stinky poop, money pit, don't buy one for more than $1500.


The air ride is confused when there is wheight in the back it lowers the back and raises the front.

The A/C pump froze up.

I got the front end aligned twice already.

The wheel bearings vibrate like a jack hammer.

The check engine light beeps every 2 miles.

I've put 30 dollars in antifreeze in it, it don't leak, it must burn it!?

IT GETS ABOUT 16 MPG freeway and 9 in the city.

It's a typical ford.

The guy before me dumped money into it.

New engine, trans, c/v joints, tires, exhaust, digital dash, air ride.

About 9000 dollars worth of work and its still junk.

General Comments:

Its got some power.

It gets both front tires smokin (power-braking it of course)

Very comfortable minus the vibrating.

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Review Date: 10th October, 2005

1st May 2006, 01:43

About 10 years ago I got rid of mine. No major problems till the warranty gave out... Keep in mind that I am a very easy driver and tend to (usually) keep a car for 15 years before replacement. In this case, it was not to be so. The car was peppy, fuel efficient, comfortable and well appointed. After warranty time, the A/C gave out first... an expensive total replacement... then the transmission gave out... a very expensive replacement and not that many miles on the car... then the air ride gave out... expensive... then the electronic brake module... several times... expensive... then the air ride again... expensive again... then the engine, air ride and brake module all at the same time... very, very, very expensive... then the alternator went berserk and bypassed the relays and shorted the electrical system... an expensive repair. I traded the car for a Cadillac after that... I took a loss on it, but it was less of a loss than simply walking away from the last repair. When I traded it, it had 134,000 kilometers on it. It was a great disappointment and an expensive lesson.