1997 Lincoln Continental from North America


World Class Luxury Car


The only thing ever went wrong are the auto dimming mirror was bad.

General Comments:

Very very very very comfortable in every way.. lots of power.. good mpg..soft suspension and very light steering.. did I mention lots of power?

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Review Date: 5th June, 2003

1997 Lincoln Continental 4.6 from North America


Not worth it, get a Town Car


The rear wheels cannot be aligned. I've worn the inner side of the tires down to cords, while the rest of the tire is 65%.

Electronics have been sporadic, door ajar indicator comes on from time to time, other electronics have caused problems as well.

Brakes seem undersized as they tend to squeal after being heated up. New pads and rotors have not corrected problem.

General Comments:

Compared to my other Lincoln (Town Car) the Continental is noisy, less comfortable and more costly to maintain.

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Review Date: 13th August, 2002

1997 Lincoln Continental Executive Series 4.6 DOHC from North America


When new the CK engine light went on twice both times, it was a fuel related problem. Also the active suspension need a new computer and ride sensors.. at 7500 miles FT rotors needed resurfacing and new FT brake pads.. at 16000 miles the rack and pinion was replaced due to vibration and also the engine mount.. at 17000 the auto day and night mirror went bad, also the front headlight turned foggy.

General Comments:

Every time the car was in for service the dealer gave us a Lincoln loaner.... and the car was never in the shop more than 3 days at the longest... treatment by the dealer was great.

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Review Date: 23rd September, 1999

12th Sep 2001, 10:44

I had the identical problems with my car and had them repaired.

In addition, the trim around the driver passenger wheel well fell off, and the trim around the driver passenger door handle came out. Both repaired.

The LED in the mirror blew requiring the mirror to be changed.

The four door handles are rough to the touch when the door is opened, but this is better since I filed them down myself (still my biggest complaint).

This car has 22000 miles on it - 9/01.

Wouldn't buy this car again, and this is after purchasing approx. 10 Lincoln-Mercury cars.