21st Feb 2014, 16:23

Have you had any problems with the convertible top mechanism?

22nd Feb 2014, 13:20

I was young when my dad bought his 62 new. As I recall, when you pushed the rear passenger door, the side rear window dropped a couple inches automatically. Perhaps for the top drop.

His later Town Cars had a trunk feature so that the trunk would not slam.

As far as convertibles, I have had at least one for many years. It's hard not having one after you have had them.

Interesting enough, my Corvettes drop the windows automatically when lowering my top today. I have had models with power tops and manuals. And also 2 tops are a total waste as they are hard to use.

Anyway, good luck with your Lincoln's. I believe I read this car won styling awards in its day. It's easy to see why.

23rd Feb 2014, 15:01

Sadly it is not only Lincoln and FoMoCo that design cars with completely bland and lackluster styling. For the better part of a decade now, Detroit has thrown in the towel in designing attractive cars, joining the ranks of Japan and Korea. I think the days of dream cars are over. Today's cars, except for the GT and muscle cars, inspire about as much emotion as my refrigerator, and unfortunately they are viewed much the same... just appliances.

24th Feb 2014, 08:17

I even like the modern design elements present on the new Ford F Series. We have a Viper and also Corvettes in our family. And a new Challenger.

If anything, I have noticed more upscale European influences on even basic domestic models, mainly Ford. And performance every year has been pretty incredible among sports cars. On the low budget models, I agree with you, it's hard to bring much excitement there. I have seen some sharp Kia models no less as far as import. Toyota, really nothing in my opinion. I like the Mazda 6 even, and have driven one. Styling is good.

Most I know with sports car 2 seaters own an SUV. We had a Range Rover; sharp, but terrible as far as mechanicals.

As far as design, I saw a lot of impressive models at the Philadelphia Auto Show. Just take notes and bring a checkbook at the dealer.

25th Feb 2014, 17:05

It's hard to grasp how strongly built 60's Continentals were. Sure they look great, but if any of you have had the experience of driving one, especially the 61-63's, you know how high quality cars they are. The solidity and materials were top notch; no new modern Lincoln or modern Benz, or BMW comes close matching the interior quality of these classics. The vinyl on the door panels is tightly fitted and is a quality Naugahyde material with a metal backing plate, so the door panel is well supported.

Nothing in these cars is flimsy nor cheap feeling; they were no compromises back then. The satin chrome finish, the real wood panels, the leather hide quality, the stainless steel trimming, and overall feel of these cars is truly unique for an American car, even in those days...

25th Feb 2014, 21:01

Totally disagree that Detroit has thrown in the towel. The new Cadillac ATS and CTS are beautiful and have won many awards. The new Vette is the first good looking model they've made... in probably 30+ years, and it too has won many awards and has moved away from the cheap plastic interiors and external trim they got flak for in the past.

Lincoln on the other hand needs to stop re-badging Fusions and Edges, and calling them Lincolns.

26th Feb 2014, 10:04

Any Corvette 98 up is exceptional, with total new platforms. The LS drive trains are bulletproof. I know because I have been buying Corvettes for the past 30 years. I like the 500 HP Shelby as well.

26th Feb 2014, 16:38

The ATS and CTS are good competitors for BMW and other German sport sedans, but in my opinion don't even come close to what Cadillac was once known for as far as size, comfort and American luxury styling.

Instead of dropping Pontiac, GM should have revised the whole division line up with performance sport sedans and coupes, and left it to Cadillac to build the traditional luxury car.

I do agree that the whole Lincoln re-badging is the cheap way out.

What they need to do is bring back the Town Car.

27th Feb 2014, 00:10

There are many well-designed cars today, but what makes me sad is that Americans no longer like colors. Everyone wants black, white or a boring shade of gray. Most manufacturers don't even offer colors on their large or mid-sized sedans. If you take a picture of rush hour traffic these days, it is virtually impossible to tell if it is black and white or color. Very sad.

27th Feb 2014, 09:27

I like the silvers look more high tech. Depends on the car.

White is good as it looks clean and is cooler in the hot climates with those with air. Some of the wild colors end up being a single year color with low popularity. I like dark blue that almost looks black.

27th Feb 2014, 18:36

You are so right. This conversation has basically taken place before, and probably with many of the same commenters sharing their opinions.

I agree that there are some very good looking vehicles made today. But unfortunately they all fall into the Sports/GT or Truck/SUV category. I personally feel that all modern sedans are far too bland looking, with the exception of a very few.

I will admit that I favor the looks of the big 60s and 70s cars, which many find in bad taste, but I feel they had a lot more character and were MUCH better proportioned than modern cars, not to mention worlds more comfortable.

Those of us that love traditional, large American sedans have all but been ignored in the marketplace for the better part of a decade. Of course there are still cars offered in the "large" category, but I would not give any of them a second glance, and personally don't think any of them are anything but gussied up mid-size bland mobiles.

28th Feb 2014, 11:24

Buy a new SUV and a new sports car; case solved.

1st Mar 2014, 05:41

Today car choices are incredible, vs the mid 70s HP reduction and terrible gas mileage reduction, with anti pollution devices in their infancy. Imagine finding domestic cars that go zero to 60 in under 5 seconds or less today. Some achieving 25 plus MPG like Corvettes on trips. Economy cars however that are designed today are put in wind tunnels, and the economy versions seem to take on the bean shape. Even Lincoln models today have lost the distinct look they once had. We have purchased a few over the years. It seems as far as appearance, my favorite was the early Marks. Not everyone wants a daily driver that gets 10 to 12 MPG today. I have a classic that gets 8.5 MPG 93 octane. Not much I can do about it, other than completely enjoy driving it. Even if it got 5 MPG, if it keeps you happy and out of the doctor's office, it's a great deal. I could go out today and easily find some sharp domestics I would buy. And I am picky.

11th Jan 2015, 05:45

Agreed. If you enjoy your ride and "it keeps you out of the Dr.'s office" - why not. Many of these distinctive classics should be viewed as rolling sculptures - which they are. I go insane when a movie shoot includes the needless destruction of these beauties.

13th Jan 2015, 00:18

Look again, as a lot of the movie cars had Plain Jane models substituted in the actual crashes. Take the original Vanishing Point as an example. A 67 plain Camaro was crashed, not a early 70s Hemi Challenger in the end. In Miami Vice they drove Corvette Ferrari clones. I wouldn't lose sleep. Junkyards however saw many a car crushed and scrapped. I heard of a Superbird wing cut off with a saw and sold for 300.00.

Enjoy your Continental!