30th Nov 2003, 21:00

4.6 liter V-8? The only engines offered in a Lincoln at the time were the 400 and 460 c.i. V-8. Can't believe no one caught that yet!

28th Jul 2004, 14:49

When I was a kid my parents owned a 1977 Lincoln Continental, 2 door. We piled all three of us kids in the back. Eventually the transmission went out of that car and dad got rid of it. He swore that he would own another 1977 Lincoln Continental, 2 door and he bought one in 1993. It only had 35,000 miles on it. Dad now belongs to a local classic car club and only drives it to those events or to car shows. Eleven years later he has only put 5,000 miles on the car. (I was driving it when it rolled over 40,000)When he built a new garage he had to measure the length of the car to make sure the garage was built so that it would fit in the stall. He babys that car more than he ever did us.

1st Oct 2004, 14:24

Yes, In deed. Very nice car. I have also 1978 Mark 5 and it's all original and still looks like new. Paint is very above average and durable. I needed new trans., Radiator, steering box, and steering column. But it's all relative considering over 300,000 miles and daily driver!

They Don't Make Em' Like They Used To!

14th Apr 2006, 10:42

In 2005, my Dad bought me a 1977 Lincoln Continental 4-Door. He found it for $800. What a steal! This car was in perfect shape. The only rust is surface rust and can easily be fixed. It's red with a white vinyl top and is from New Mexico. (You can imagine that is has serious sun damage to the paint. The 4-bbl 460 CID V8 is very smooth and just purrs down the open road!

24th Apr 2006, 21:07

Ditto...lincolns forever... this is one car that got away from the bean counters... FORDS FOREVER...

11th Feb 2011, 18:43

I just bought my first car. It's a '77 Mark 5. I got it for 1000. It's a steal. The engine just purrs, it's got 63k miles

It needs new exhaust, and it's got some rust. Air doesn't work. Heat does. The choke needs adjusted. And needs new brakes.

Also the clock doesn't work, and one of the lock motors need replaced, but other than that, it's perfect.

Land top is nice, the interior look like new, except for a little sun bleaching on the back seat. Even the lumbar control still works; it is definitely top of the line.

And the way the black paint still shines even over the rust is crazy cool. The red velveteen is so soft, and no stains; it's going to go to car shows when I'm done.

12th Feb 2011, 20:56

Congrats on your purchase! I've owned a '79 Town Car since '08. It's mechanically sound, but needs some more bodywork/paint to be show-quality. I store my car each winter.