1977 Lincoln Continental Town Coupe 460 Ci/7.5 liter from North America


Drive a 70's Lincoln and no other luxury car will ever satisfy you again!


Small plastic clip that holds transmission gear selector to the transmission cracked and fell off. So gear selector was attached to nothing. Repaired by small shop in rural Colorado for $38.10!

Needed rebuilt carb. - original carb. was warped - common with these cars.

General Comments:

Beautiful, comfortable, roomy, safe and elegant.

These cars are BUILT! This is my third Lincoln - have owned a 78 Diamond Jubilee Mark V and an 88 Town Car - this one is my favorite. The styling is perfection - every line and proportion is right - car has no bad angles.

Bought this car as a trip car - huge trunk, smooth ride, seats like sofas, plenty of room to spread out. Have taken it to Colorado, Ohio, Florida and Canada. Very reliable - perfect car to travel in.

Handling is much better than you would expect for a car this large and heavy.

These cars are going cheap right now - if you like them go out and get yourself a bargain!

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Review Date: 10th February, 2008

14th Feb 2008, 13:12

I agree that it is not as cheap to keep the gas tank filled as it would be if I were running a Toyota or something. However, I only use the car for fun and trips, so gas cost is not much of a factor. In addition, since these cars are so cheap to buy, licence and insure, the gasoline cost is not a factor at all. How much do other people pay every month for car loans, insurance, etc...? I paid $57.75 in licencing fees this year. My insurance was $284.80 for the entire year. There is no loan on the car, since it was so inexpensive, so my monthly cost is zero. My average gasoline mileage overall is 12 MPG. The car runs on regular unleaded, so it is not too bad. For example, on our trip out to Colorado, a 2700 mile (+) round trip, the total we spent on gasoline was $705.42. And for that money we rode in a beautiful, comfortable, quiet and luxurious private car that got lots of compliments and attention. Beats the tar out of some econobox let me tell ya. (I know, I used to own an econobox). Beats the tar out of flying too.

Obviously, there are people who will never see what there is to value in these old cars. It is all in the eye of the beholder. I love them and I encourage other people to give them a look too. If it is not your thing - that's fine. I don't dig hotrod Hondas, but hey, if you do, more power to you!

2nd May 2010, 11:07

Fair play to you, running and preserving one of these old beauties. They'll never make them like this again, so why not enjoy what we have.

1st Sep 2012, 21:10

You only spent $705.42 on gas for a 2,700+ mile trip in a big 1970s Lincoln Continental? That's actually pretty good. I don't own a Lincoln, I just don't have the money for the fuel these days. But I'll tell you that if I took a similar trip in my 2005 Honda Civic, the gas savings would probably have been insignificant. I would have paid a little extra in fuel on a long trip to ride in a comfortable, quiet car like that, if given the choice.

1977 Lincoln Continental town coupe 460 cubic inch from North America


This car is a masterpiece


The gas gage does not work. The Eight track player is also broken.

General Comments:

This car is classy, smooth, and powerful.

However the rear right edge of the taillight is beginning to rust.

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Review Date: 19th May, 2003

3rd Aug 2010, 05:07

I have the same exact problems! No gas gauge, rear right light rust, weird. Mine is coming up on 84k, my wife wants me to sell it... yeah right!

1977 Lincoln Continental 4.6L from North America


An awesome car for being over 20 years old


I had to replace the ball joints on it.

The radiator started acting up at about 200,000 miles. My uncle is a mechanic so he and I replaced it.

The odometer sometimes sticks as well.

General Comments:

This car is awesome. My parents bought it for me for my high school graduation. I am on top of the world with this car. It is very comfortable and it runs great. My friends are all jealous of me.

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Review Date: 5th September, 2001

22nd May 2003, 10:18

Just bought a 1977 Lincoln mark v with only 77,000 miles original. All of the extras on the car still work including the a/c. 460 v8 all leather white on white is in mint condition. And yes the quadrasonic radio still works. Many friends and strangers stop me all the time to get the scoupe on the car because it is so sharp looking. Many make offers only to be refused. Great American machine. thank you Lincoln for such great piece of history. By the way a farmer who had no use for the car since it had been parked in the barn out back of his house sold it to me for $700.00. I have had offers as high as $4,000.00 after only washing it up and just doing what it was made for, driving it.