31st Mar 2006, 11:04

Are you implying that a 16 year old can't do a better job at making a convertible than a multi-billion dollar auto conglomerate?

Sarcasm intended, lol.

With gas prices nearing $3/gallon again I can't believe a 16 year old would want a 15 mpg (if he's lucky) car. He probably owes money after his commute and shift at the WalMart.

31st Mar 2006, 11:47

Hopefully you are good at engineering.

If not, you've got yourself a death-trap on wheels.

7th May 2006, 20:23

We purchased our 1989 Lincoln Continental Signature Series off the show room floor. Fully Loaded with everything you can think of. We loved this car so much, I never had a problem with acceleration. In fact she would spin a wheel for the longest distance. Until 1995 my grandmother was going to work and we found out the cars air bags had burst overnight. We had that fixed and it never gave us problems again. Until 1998 in the piggly wiggly parkinglot the head gasket blew up. Also at the same time, the a/c quit and the paint clear coat begin to chip, we fixed the head gasket and in 1999 we drove it to maggie valley which is 400 miles away. The DCL light wouldn't be quiet. THIS WAS THE LAST STRAW!! When we got home the next day we went to a local used car dealership and purchased a White 1991 Cadillac Sedan Deville. Which by far won our heart. Smoother ride. And a extremely powerful engine. (0-60 in 8 seconds). We parked the Lincoln in the backyard until someone came up and purchased it for 1500 dollars. We knew that the worst was yet to come if we didn't get rid of it. And we DO NOT MISS IT. That's the last Ford we will ever own. Customer satisfaction sucks. Workmanship sucks. We absoulutly love our Cadillac. Long and Chrome. And believe it or not, but the gas mileage is good too. 22 mpg in the city and 26-28 mpg on the highway. Get rid of your Lincoln while you still can. The problems never end. Purchase a Cadillac and the quality and style will make you happy. I know that mine has.

8th May 2006, 13:45

To the may 7th comment:

Why don't you do your maintainance and maybe your car will last a bit longer.