27th Apr 2010, 17:16

Beautiful classic car of all time. I have my '73 Mark IV for a second season right now, and I can't get enough of it yet.

To address a few minor details, one should replace original Motocraft carburetor with something like an Edelbrock 1406, which fixes almost everything this wonderful 460 engine has had problems with. Even better; there is an unprecedented support for this car on http://www.thelincolnforum.net/

Comfort, luxury and style; this is what this car is giving back to me for the investment I put in it. And YES, I am using it as a daily driver during the summer season ;-)

Kris Cichon - Chicago, IL.

2nd Sep 2012, 12:45

I am a woman, and I'm more of a car nut than my husband. I am thrilled to hear all about the Mark IV Lincolns of the 1970's. I have 2 1976 Mark IV; they are twins; white bodies, lipstick landaus, both have moon roofs and red premium moldings. One has 38,000 miles, and the other has 95,000. I am thinking of having one painted lipstick red. Can anyone give me their thoughts on that? I love the Lipstick Edition.

I work on my cars myself. I know quite a lot about the 1976 Mark IV. I even removed the moon roof all by myself and replaced the weather seals. Of course I cleaned every thing.

I would like to hear more about anyone with a 70's Lincoln Mark IV; tell me all about it. I could use some information on how to fix my Cartier clock.

UPDATE 2/20/2016:

Just bought another 1976 LIPSTICK RED Mark IV white landau white moldings. I call them my 3 lovers. Waiting to win the lottery so I can buy a 2016 BENTLEY MULSANNE in Mary Kay pink, with pale pink leather with white piping. I still love my MARK IVs.

UPDATE 9/6/2016 I just bought another 1976 Continental MARK IV; this one is lipstick red with red landau red moldings and moon roof etc. I now have all the Mark IV editions I have wanted. They will all have deep dish polished rims and the Diamond back dual banded tires just like the Goodyear ones that came on the car.