1977 Lincoln Mark V Bill Blass 460 from North America


Best looking, smoothest car on the road


This is the best car that I have ever owned. The car has been absolutely flawless since I have owned it. The only thing that doesn't work is the factory (am-fm) stereo. Can't seem to find the problem.

General Comments:

The styling of this car is in my opinion is the best of all of the Marks. Very comfortable, very reliable, smooth. It was sitting for 10 years until the original owner had died. And I was able to buy it from the family as soon as I saw it on the internet I knew that I had to own it. I flew to Cleveland and drove it to Palm Beach without a problem. It was awesome to drive the best looking vehicle on the road.

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Review Date: 4th January, 2006

5th Jan 2006, 19:38

What a great car!!! I live in West Palm Beach as well, so maybe I will see you driving it around. You aren't the guy that has that immaculate 73 LTD are you?

10th Jan 2006, 11:38

No, but the guy that owns that car is in my car club and uses my same mechanic in Lake Worth. I do also own a 69 Galaxie Convertible. Hope to chat more.

1977 Lincoln Mark V 400/351 from North America


Would never trade this Lincoln for any of the newer cars of today!


Steering wheel has too much play in it.

Poor idling.

Power locks are weakening.

Outrageously poor gas consumption.

General Comments:

Had this yacht for 23 years and still enjoy driving it.

A true classic of the 70's.

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Review Date: 30th September, 2004

13th Nov 2004, 19:56

Steering play can be corrected by adjustment screw on steering box. If no adjustment is left in box just replace box. They are still available as rebuilt units and this fixed mine perfectly. My high idle problem turned out to be a broken vacuum line and a minor carb adjustment. Gas mileage on mine runs 11-12 in town 16-17 on the road. The ride, comfort, safety, and cheap insurance costs more than make up for this. Thanks, Wick in Eagleville, Tn.

24th Aug 2005, 00:01

To Wick from Eagleville, Tn: Many thanks for the tip on the steering box!

19th Jun 2009, 07:24

The steering box is located on the driver side mounted on the frame of the vehicle. Just pop the hood and look down by the firewall.

15th Nov 2012, 11:33

If you still own the car, and enjoy driving it often (I imagine you do) I'd suggest checking the ratio of the rear-end, and if you have the performance (?) rear-end ratio, then change it to the lower ratio for better fuel economy... it makes a difference.

I originally owned a 1978 Town Coupe with 460, then bought a 1977, same car and engine, but boy, what a difference in fuel economy! Don't forget to change the gear at the end of the speedo cable that goes into the tranny.

1977 Lincoln Mark V 460 V8 from North America


A gas sucking super model


It tends to idle extremely high sometimes, and sometimes it will idle at normal speeds.

Gas Hog.

General Comments:

I got this car last summer and its I'm perfect condition. It has never broken down or has given me any trouble. The only thing wrong with it is the really high idle.

The inside is the best. You can ride in it for hours. The sunroof is very big, almost the whole roof.

It can go pretty fast at top speeds, but I get about 9-10 miles per gallon.

Killer 8-track.

I will never get rid of it, I'm hoping to keep it for as long as I can.

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Review Date: 8th March, 2004

15th Nov 2012, 11:42

If you have a high idle and really poor (relatively) gas mileage, I'd really look at a vacuum leak. Given the age of the vehicle, you probably have cracked hoses, and leaks at the fittings. I'd really suggest buying lengths of hose at the correct inside diameter and replacing everything. Do the headlights stay closed when the car's sitting for a day? That's one indicator.

Also, I suggested to someone else on this site about changing the rear-end ratio... believe me, it makes a difference! You might have to change the entire physical rear-end, plus the little gear at the end of the speedo cable that goes into the tranny, but if you drive your car often, you'll notice a big difference. Acceleration is a little slower, but thinking about the gas you save, while driving a nice car, will put a smile on your face!