1977 Lincoln Mark V 460 c.i.d. from North America




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General Comments:

This is a remarkable design and a real joy to drive.

My father purchased this car brand new in 1977. He traded his Mark 4 in on it. It is a 1977 Lincoln Continental Mark V Bill Blass Limited Edition Designer Series in Midnight Blue and Camel. My father traded this car in about 1989/90 on a new Continental, and I hadn't seen the car or one like it for that matter for 24 years, then one day on my way home from work I passed a local hot rod / auto body shop, and out front for sale was a 1977 Mark V Bill Blass, and it stopped me in my tracks. I knew this had to be my father's old Lincoln, I mean how many can their be in this area, right? I walked in the shop and told the owner without even checking "that's my father's old Lincoln". He was stunned for a second, and after I told him what I knew of the car, he said I was right and I bought it back on the spot! It was purchased by an older gentleman who loved and took excellent care of it for 33 years till he passed, and the owner of the shop bought it at the estate sale. It has 46k miles; only a few more than when my dad traded it, and was in very good condition.

I have the car now, and keep it in great condition and perfect running order for car shows and Sunday drives in the country. I love this car, and would rather have it than any new car of today.

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Review Date: 16th February, 2015

1977 Lincoln Mark V Designer Edition - Pucci 7.5L 460ci from North America


The last of an American great luxury car...


When I first purchased the car in 04, after driving the car for a month, I had to have the engine rebuilt. The seller did give me $1000 back... yeah... to help with the cost of the repair.

Besides rebuilding the engine, the only problems I've had with the car are the power steering pump leaks, the Cartier clock stopped working, the low fuel light stays on, and the fuel level hand doesn't work.

I have replaced the battery, starter, alternator, radiator, distributor cap, rotor, spark plugs and wires, belts, new tires, fuel filter, air filter, oil change, changed most of the gasket seals - transmission, oil pan, and valve cover gaskets. All the items mentioned above except the rebuilt engine have been replaced within the past month, and I'm currently working on replacing the brakes - rotors, pads front and back, and installing a dual exhaust.

General Comments:

Like most owners can attest to, the car feels as if it's floating when riding down the highway; excellent handling.

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Review Date: 4th September, 2014

7th Sep 2014, 03:20

The old (Read: Mechanical) car clocks were pain for all car manufacturers. When digital clocks replaced them, it lacked the same style, but it was reliable.

Do NOT hesitate to go with dual exhaust. The 385-Series (370-429-460) V-8s can breath very well - if you let them ;).

If you're feeling really brave, complete the new lung transplant by going with an aftermarket carburetor - a 750 CFM-or-so Holley works well (the original factory Motorcraft unit is good for about only 600-CFM). The only caveat is the fact that you have 2 catalytic converters that won't do well if the carb runs rich (as Holleys are prone to do). Do that, and you have a 385-Series V-8 that breath like Dearborn intended - hang on to your hat when you punch it!!!

Having said all of this, enjoy this car. They are a (largely, wrongly) forgotten piece of Ford's history.

7th Sep 2014, 04:38

"After driving the car for a month, I had to have the engine rebuilt."

What happened? No oil pressure?

15th Apr 2016, 22:23

I be leave the stock carburetor is a 730 CFM Autolite/Motorcraft 4350.

17th Apr 2016, 03:40

It was "rated" @ 750 CFM.

It consistently flows @ 600 CFM.

Not a bad carburetor, just not an outstanding carburetor :)

19th Apr 2016, 18:08

Personally I love my Holley 600 and I have had a couple Edelbrocks on my cars; not the same as this review.