1978 Lincoln Mark V Diamond Jubilee 460 V8 from North America


Car was completely refurbished with new paint, chrome trim, and NOS parts. The car will soon be ready for exhibition/show.

General Comments:

Best personal American luxury car ever built. I used to have 3 mint Mark V's.

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Review Date: 24th August, 2010

27th Aug 2010, 11:16

Where did you find NOS anything for a Mark V? Even places like Lincoln Land and Bakers Auto are running out of NOS stuff... Any help would be greatly appreciated (have a 77, 78 and Collectors Series 79).

29th Aug 2010, 00:47

Also try Classique Cars Unlimited.

30th Aug 2010, 19:24

Thank you very much. I will do that. Congratulations on your Diamond Jubilee. Do you have the gold one or the blue one? The blue was always my favorite and they are more rare too.

1978 Lincoln Mark V Prestige 400m from North America


Will never get rid of it


Window glass is very hard to find.

The only major repair done to the car was the rear suspension.

Also added a spacer in the steering column.

Convertible top (canvas over fiberglass) became a parachute. And there is no outer window glass for opera windows... mirror on the inside, nothing outside.

Can't use either side windows, passenger wing window bracket broke, so just sitting on track. Driver's side quit working.

General Comments:

The car is definitely unique. Have only seen one just like it; same everything...

Had power to pull with ability...

Handled like a sport car before it sat for the last couple of years...

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Review Date: 29th March, 2010

12th Apr 2010, 17:14

While your problems are minor, I still wouldn't give this car a 10 out of 10 for reliability. and ALL Mark V's came equipped with sideview mirrors. Someone must have taken off and painted over the holes. Many Mark V's came with the faux convertible top; it's not that rare. Also there is no such thing as a "Prestige Edition". At least you didn't call it a Cartier...

13th Apr 2010, 10:41

I think he means that the opera window on the inside of the vehicle is a mirror and there is no window on the outside.

And to the original reviewer, sports car?? No, while they have a decent suspension, mine handles nowhere near like any sports car I've ever driven (BTW, my car is a restored 1978 Mark V with 460 cid)

14th Apr 2010, 21:33

In 1978, there was a special edition of the Mark V. It was called the "Diamond Jubilee."

15th Apr 2010, 08:53

I know that there were special editions, and yes the Diamond Jubilee was ONE of them. I was only saying that there was no such thing as a "Prestige" edition. Just to show all of you guys that I know what I'm talking about, these were the "special editions"; Diamond Jubilee, Cartier, Bill Blass, Pucci, Givanche, and various other "Luxury Groups" that included special color and interior options.

1978 Lincoln Mark V Cartier 460 V8 7.5 liter from North America


Unique looking classic that should be appreciated and enjoyed


The Power steering hose had to be replaced. It leaked excessively.

Rear differential seal had to be replaced.

Air conditioner needed to be charged.

Starter had to be replaced. Replaced a small hole in the radiator.

General Comments:

This car in my opinion is a great classic that is beginning to come out of the woodwork.

It is the most comfortable car I have ever ridden in. There are six way power seats in the front.

When you look at the car from a distance, you notice that the front seats are located exactly between the front and rear wheels. This gives a very comfortable ride.

It has a power sunroof and all the bells and whistles. It is amazing that everything still works on it even after 32 years.

The engine is very reliable. The 460 V8 was used in the class A motorhomes that weighed in excess of 12,000 lbs up until 1996, so that is a statement alone. It also doesn't matter if you drive 55 or 75 mph, it still averages 8 miles per gallon.

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Review Date: 31st January, 2010

9th Feb 2010, 07:39

To recent poster;

While these cars are definitely not Prius's when it comes to economy, with only 8 miles to the gallon, you've got something wrong with your car.

My 1978 Mark V 460 drives 5 days a week with a 60 mile round trip commute. I fill up Sunday night, and usually add about 20 bucks worth the following Saturday to get me through the weekend. I'm averaging about 14 mpg, which is still not amazing, but it's better than 8.

You'd better check your timing, sometimes the timing chain and distributor gears will wear, causing timing to be off and rob economy, or just a simple tune-up with air filter replacement.

Check into it because 8 mpg is not normal, unless of course if you are heavy, heavy on the gas LOL.