2nd Dec 2007, 14:53

Own a '79 Collector Series Mark V, pure pleasure, if BIG is to your taste. 2nd one I've owned, and this white beauty is a head turner, everyone sez "it's so big"...yes, compared to todays downsized models. Europeans love, and are in awe of it, as it represents America at its Zenith.

Smooth, powerful, glides down the road, easy to service, light, effortless "fingertip" steering screens out road irregularities. Certainly no more costly to fuel than a SUV, but has razor edge style. What a way to go, although hard to park in todays' downsized parking spots! Use that Handicapped sticker!

Generally acknowledged to be the supreme FoMoCo offering, last of the full size Lincolns.

Long, low, lovely, its' a Lincoln.

30th Sep 2009, 21:21

I wrote this review 6 years ago, so this is a follow -up.

I am at a loss as to why anyone would criticize my review. I told it like it is. The car WILL do 120 mph. The speedo does only go to 85 mph, but there is no peg or limiter, so the needle will rotate down around the bottom of the gauge so it's nudging zero. Given the relative space available, it's an estimated 120.

Why would anyone do this?? My friend did... he learned to drive by watching "Smokey And The Bandit" it seems. I was the (screaming) passenger.

I have done 100 mph in this car on a couple of occasions. It is utterly deceptively quiet and peaceful in the car at that speed... and the car is very straight-line stable.

It is not intended to go this fast... but it's like the rest of this car... underneath all the baroque ornateness it is a well-engineered luxurious reliable car. It CAN perform well and DOES have solid engineering.

But Ford never intended people to be thrilled over the engineering features or performance... they were supposed to be impressed with its appearance and luxury.

The only real complaints I have with this car... real dashboard gauges would be nice, like in the Town Car. The front end is a bit too long... at least 14 inches of front-end length is utterly unnecessary. The front end was extended for the fake appearance of impressive length. This 18 inches adds weight that produces significant understeer, reduces acceleration, and the length makes parking more difficult.

Otherwise, the car is just great, given the time and marketplace for which it was designed.