1989 Lincoln Mark VII LSC 5.0 HO from North America


An outstanding example of excellence


Replacement of the rear air-springs was required at 190,000. A suggestion to all for replacement of the "Costly replacement of the air-springs" there is a Company in Florida "Suncore Industries" who sells aftermarket new airsprings for a very reasonable amount. You can attain information on replacing them yourself from your public library in the "Mitchell" manuals I changed my rear springs in approximately 1 and a half hours, was very easy.

Have lost both power window motors.

General Comments:

I feel this is an outstanding car, It has Koni shocks and struts that were originally installed on the car, and are still in excellent condition.

Keeping your Air-suspension springs clean and lightly siliconed I feel is essential, as dirt, salt, and sand will obviously damage the rubber leading to cracks and leakage.

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Review Date: 25th September, 2002

1989 Lincoln Mark VII LSC 302 5.0L V8 from North America


A car you can buy for the right price with the potential for a vicious bite


I replaced the front air-bag suspension components at 100,000 miles.

Both electric window motors have been replaced.

The mufflers went bad at 95,000 miles, so I replaced the exhaust with a cross-over X-pipe going into a straight pipe exhaust out of the back.

General Comments:

Since the Lincoln Mark VII comes with a good power plant, the 302 5.0L V8, it is easy to increase horsepower with modifications.

I installed a Holley SysteMAX engine package that took my engine from a stock 225 horse power, to an awesome 355 horse power rating!

As long as the suspension in your Lincoln holds out, your ride will be silky smooth. I've ridden in a lot of cars, and I believe that only Lincoln can provide that smooth of a ride.

The Mark VII handles cornering very well, considering it is a heavy car.

The stock 225 hp can propel the car very well, especially at high speeds. I wanted an original car to take to the drag strip. People don't believe that I am in a Lincoln running in the low to mid thirteens in the quarter-mile.

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Review Date: 25th August, 2002

1989 Lincoln Mark VII LSC 5.0 Ford from Romania


A masterpiece... The best thing ever done by Ford.


I have to replace the air suspension bags.

My electrical system has some faults and I expect a failure soon.

I had the alternator replaced at 45.000 miles.

My all exhausting system is wrecked up and I can't find a dealer to fix it with the original parts here in Romania.

High gas consumption.

General Comments:

This is one of the best cars I ever drive... The performance is way better than (most) of the BMW and Benz, considering that is an 1989 model.

The front side is very roomy.

I run the engine at 6.000 RPM and get to over 200 km/h on highways in no-time. Is a true muscle car, and, considering to the cost, I would recomend it to all horse-power freaks!

The problem is that an American car is very very very expensive to maintain here in Romania, considering that here is only one dealer and it's not even a Lincoln dealer.. Is a Ford dealer..

Overall, I consider this car a masterpiece.. Great work by Ford.

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Review Date: 27th February, 2002

9th Nov 2005, 15:52

I bought my car from my neighbor and I love it is always fun to drive and it has lots of power for my first car.

I have had to replace the air compressor once and I havn't had a problem with the electrical yet.

I love the stock JBL sound system that came with it and its awsome.

1989 Lincoln Mark VII Bill Blass 5.0 HO EFI from North America


Great first car or any car


When I bought this car, it needed:

Hood hinges.

Front panel.


General Comments:

This is a great car with a very nice engine. I wish to buy another Mark VII when this one is done.

I put a nice sound system into it, and all of my friends love it.

I took it to the quarter mile and it did 15.99 seconds. It's a great car for anyone.

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Review Date: 19th September, 2001

14th Oct 2001, 19:43

It's great that there are people out there who appreciate this car, which is unsurpassed by any other. It is a monster on the roads.

16th Jun 2005, 23:53

What I love about this car, it can still keep up with muscle and performance cars. Just today I was driving my 1989 Bill Blass Mark VII (i bought it yesterday) couple of kids in a Celica tried to race me. Never underestimate the power of a lincoln.