1989 Lincoln Mark VII LSC 5.0 Liter from North America


Awesome for a luxury car


Transmission went out at 100,000 miles plus.

Interior door panels have buckled.

Clear Coat is peeling and flaking.

General Comments:

Great car.. My dream car when they first came out. car drives and handles well.

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Review Date: 25th April, 2005

1989 Lincoln Mark VII Bill Blass 5.0 efi from North America


A luxury drivers dream with many ponies


The things that have gone wrong are, alternator, battery, power steering hose, brakes. Odometer doesn't correctly read. Shifter cable.About $500.00 into the car making it worth $2,300 if I was to sell it.

General Comments:

Only a few things wrong with the car and only 80,000 miles. By far the best car I have ever owned and the cheapest cost when I bought it at $1,800.Everything works properly and has plenty of power for the everyday driver, especially on the highway. The interior is in mint condition, and doesn't have any burn holes and is very clean. Maroon color, but is going to be painted jet black with new rims. Motor and transmission are newer.Everything is digital and has a compass.

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Review Date: 5th January, 2004

24th Nov 2006, 22:43

The resale value of a car does NOT equal what you paid plus what you spent on repairs. (And modifications generally do not enhance the value at all)

25th Nov 2006, 13:37

Yup, resale value is whatever the market will bear. For example, there was a woman who spent over $100K rebuilding/restoring her Plymouth Valiant (as reported in AutoWeek). Even the restorer she shipped it to said the shipping cost more than the car. She's not getting $100K for that car, and probably not even $1000.

1989 Lincoln Mark VII LSC 5.0 Litre from North America


A true glider on the road

General Comments:

I knew after only a couple of days driving my newly purchased 13 year old Lincoln Mark 7 that it was the best vehicle I have ever owned.

I picked it up a small car lot for $2300.00(Cd). It had 290,000km (180,000 miles) on it, but what the heck, the price was right and I was in need of a winter beater quickly. I knew nothing of the luxury or reputation the car had. I had only seen them around, but was totally ignorant to their finer qualities.

This car provided me with the sweet ride I have desired for 20 years. Within the first week of ownership, I decided to sell my 1985 Corvette and drive this car all year around.

Aside from a luxurious ride with the most comfortable seats, the vehicle provides a very quiet interior. This is most notable on the highway. The door seals are never broken or penetrated by the wind. I had thought that all cars were noisy on the highway, but as it would turn out, all CHEAP cars are noisy. Just a casual glance at all the seals attest to its fine craftsmanship and thought in design. The cabin on a hole is well insulated and you must strain to hear your engine running. In the cold of winter, all this extra packing ensures the interior stays warm a lot longer when in and out of the car.

The car is built solid. I have yet to notice a rattle or shimmer anywhere. It is not that I am fortunate in this regard. It was made to superior standard and I believe all owners know what I mean. It is equipped with a sturdy 5.0 Liter reliable engine with easy interchangaebility with the Mustangs, making parts very affordable.

This car is not the most beautiful vehicle I have owned. Nor is it very modern looking inside. But it has been made to the very highest standards in most every respect. I have been telling anybody who will listen that this car is amazing, its ride and performance, and to not miss an opportunity to buy one if one comes available at a good price.

It has changed my whole outlook on future vehicles. I will never again own an inexpensive car. I shall always own a luxury car from here on in and I shall never forget my teacher in the discipline of luxury, my 1989 Lincoln Mark 7.

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Review Date: 13th January, 2003

11th Jun 2004, 16:25

I own a 1989 Lincoln Mark 7 lsc for the last 4 years. Year two I had a leaking air bag. Finally needed to replace them. Once side burst, had to replace that one again. Then the dryer blew a hose. Now, the front driver door outside handle has broken. I treat this car like my baby. I am so fearful to replace anything else, because it has another problem to follow up with. Uses so much fuel. Also, being in Colorado, the drive in the snow is a test of one's faith and fearful in loosing control of the car. To me, they are not the best car.