1990 Lincoln Mark VII LSC Special Edition 5.0 HO from North America


Easily a Hot Rod Lincoln


All four air bags have been replaced. The rear at 95,000 and the front at 130,000.

The transmission was rebuilt at 125,000.

Alternator went out at 120,000.

The gear assembly on the power antenna broke. The factory amp went out.

The front leather is torn, but the back seat is in good condition.

All four wheel bearings have been replaced.

Clear coat paint started to flake off at 100,000 and progressively got worse until it was painted at 145,000.

Fuel pump was replaced at 150,000.

General Comments:

The car was used quite heavily during its first 100,000 miles by a owner who lived on a rural gravel road in North Dakota. Combination of dirt, salt, and snow is most likely the cause of failure for airbag suspension and wheel bearings.

The best thing about this timeless luxury sport coupe is its engine. The 302 is the same as the early 90's Mustang GT's. Almost all after market performance parts are compatible to the Mark VII's. Oh yeah, Hot Rod Lincoln!

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Review Date: 1st May, 2003

1990 Lincoln Mark VII Bill Blass V8 5.0 from North America


A true luxury muscle car of it's era


Swapped all four Air Springs for Coil Springs using conversion kit found on-line. All 4 bags and several other components were in need of repair.

Replaced Alternator & Battery at 130,000 miles. Alternator was not charging Battery between starts.

Transmission went at 135,000 miles. Replaced with rebuilt unit.

Replaced leaking fuel lines.

Replaced fuel pump, fuel pump relay, and inertia relay at 140,000 miles.

Would die and then not start back up.

Stock Stereo has never worked.

Replaced broken power antenna with stock Ford antenna, mostly for looks.

Driver side power window motor does not work.

Driver side power seat motor that controls angle of backrest does not work.

Leaks about a quart of oil every 3000 miles.

Exhaust leak under hood, most likely a manifold leak. Adds to the cars "muscle car" sound and feel.

As of 145,000 miles the digital odometer no longer displays a reading, but rather the wording "Error."

General Comments:

This car has it's "bugs" but if you have a mechanic in the family and do not mind paying for replacement parts it definitely has it's benefits.

Very dependable engine keeps running and running despite other components failing after the 125,000 mile mark.

The car's exterior has also held up extremely well for the Midwest US climate exposure (Cold Winters, Snow, Etc)

This car is really a hidden gem for it's age. There were very few cars on the road in 1990 that had four different power seat controls (including lumbar!), heated power outside mirrors, a powered moon/sun roof, digital overhead compass and thermometer, trip computer with current fuel economy and "distance to empty readings", and digital automatic climate control. This was and still is a luxury vehicle like no other!

Once you own a Lincoln Mark you will always compare future cars to it.

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Review Date: 28th April, 2003

1990 Lincoln Mark VII LSC SE 5.0 EFI from North America


Fast, comfortable, and a list of features longer than anything under $40,000


I have had to replace the alternator twice, once at 110,000 and again at 140,000 (the first time I bought a refurbished unit, which might account for the second time).

I have replaced both door lock solenoids, both at approximately 90,000.

I have replaced both window lift motors, one at 100,000 and one at 150,000.

The gears on the power antenna went bad at 140,000. I replaced the entire unit when I found that the gear kit was almost as expensive as a new antenna.

I had to replace the fuel pump at 130,000. I took the opportunity to replace all the hoses and belts at that time, since we were heading to south Texas.

I replaced the front air bags, compressor, and dryer assembly at 152,000.

The radiator was replaced at 152,000 (bad connection that broke off and could not be welded).

General Comments:

The car is a black SE that still looks almost as good as it did new. The seats are smooth and supple, with the patina achieved over twelve years through regular applications of Lexol.

I would have rated it a bit higher in performance and comfort, but having spent time behind the wheel of my wife's Eldorado Touring Coupe forced me to lower those marks a bit.

This is my second LSC; one I wanted from the day I first saw it in the showroom. I have been looking for a replacement for several years now, but have been unable to find a new car that has all the features of my 12-year-old LSC (at least not for under $40,000).

I don't know how much other cars cost to operate, but this one has been right at $0.34 per mile, counting what I paid for it and for all the repairs and maintenance. Including gasoline, it has cost me about $0.42 per mile.

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Review Date: 29th January, 2002

1990 Lincoln Mark VII LSC 5.0 L HO EFI from North America


The best car ever built... definitely take up on a offer for one...


Throttle brommet broke when I slammed the gas but works fine now, and I'm pretty sure that's it.

General Comments:

Definitely holds up to a collision, I hit a deer at 50 mph, it messed the car up pretty good, but I made it out without a scratch on me (Car was repaired).

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Review Date: 7th December, 2000

1990 Lincoln Mark VII LSC 5.0 HO from North America


It's fast, sleek, and sacrifices no luxury


Oil pan gasket leak (fixed by the dealer for free) and electric window motors.

General Comments:

Although I haven't owned it long, it looks like it will last a great many years for me to enjoy it.

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Review Date: 3rd July, 2000

1990 Lincoln Mark VII Bill Blass 5.0 HO EFI from North America


A good performer/luxury at a good price!


None, really.

General Comments:

GREAT performer, real sleeper, looks like an everyday car, has great comfort and great performance!

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Review Date: 30th June, 2000