1997 Lincoln Mark VIII 4.6 V8 32v from North America


This is a great car!


Crank sensor failed at 89000 miles.

Ignition coil failed at 90000 miles.

General Comments:

This car has plenty of power. You can roast the tires all day. It can run with some pretty fast machinery. Also the car handles very well.

Traction control is useless in the snow. When you try to go up a hill it just locks the rear wheels.

Easy to lose control in slippery conditions if not driven properly.

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Review Date: 1st June, 2005

1997 Lincoln Mark VIII LSC 4.6 V8 from North America


Most treasured car I've ever owned


Chrome wheels began to crack and peel so had to replace all four - expensive.

Outside driver door handle broke -white metal - costly for a small part replacement.

Right side of neon taillight darkened due to dirt seepage from top of lense & not sure how to remedy - unsightly as it appears shadowed at night.

General Comments:

I had a 1971 Lincoln Mark III and this car is reminiscent of that car - powerful engine and multiple luxury appointments and firsts in the industry.

A real looker and head-turner.

Nice lines, wrap around luxury.

Distinctive styling in a boxstyle-oriented industry.

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Review Date: 24th May, 2004

1997 Lincoln Mark VIII Basic 4.6 Liter V8 32 valve from North America


An excellent value, but not a low cost option


The front brakes tend to shudder when they are hot. The situation is worse when road grim is involved. This tendency is reduced by frequent power washing of the brakes at a local car wash.

The power steering assembly was noisy and the dealer replaced this under warranty a couple years ago.

The front headlights were both replaced two years ago as a result of a fender bender. The impact was just strong enough to break the rear portion of each headlight assembly, but not headlights. The body shop had to install a new rear portion of the assembly which only came in a changed plug design. Each side then required a new headlight to fit with the new plug.

It is easy to damage the bearings in the tilt/telescopic steering wheel. This problem was repaired once by the dealer and I will be having it repaired next week, again. This damage seems to occur after someone-else drives the unit, like valet and car-wash staff. When the unit is allowed to function on its own it has never generated a problem. The steering wheel is delicate and should not be used has a booster bar for entry and exit.

The cigarette lighter has never worked properly, even after two dealer repairs. The dealer kept saying the plug insert was broken and the electric connection was not working properly. I do not think it is worth repairing the cigarette lighter, but it does impress me as the result of a design flaw.

General Comments:

This automobile is not an inexpensive vehicle to drive when you factor in increased insurance and license expenses. It is a value in my opinion. This vehicle has never left me stranded and has proven to be very reliable. The fun, capabilities and style make this a car I hope to keep for quite a while.

The road handling and performance of this automobile are excellent. I drive roads in the Colorado Rockies frequently and it has better power and handling than almost all the other cars on the road. Even in the snow and ice, with the traction control, this car does not get stuck when driven wisely.

The interior comfort is plush with items you realize are not in other luxury sport coupes (climate control, tilt/telescopic with memory, auto headlights, ability to turn various options on or off, etc.). An important factor to realize is the this is a two-seat car with an emergency spot in back for three more people. The rear seat can only accommodate very small children in comfort for any extended length of time.

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Review Date: 11th June, 2003