1997 Lincoln Mark VIII LSC 4.6 InTech V8 from North America


Not a fit for 6 foot, 250 pound me


Brakes still vibrate during stops even with new quality rotors and pads all around. Replaced both HID headlamp bulbs myself for $320 for two bulbs!

General Comments:

Seats caused back pain until they were replaced with modified 1976 seats. Steering on LSC requires too much effort. Not enough headroom with sliding sunroof. LSC ride is too bumpy. No rear legroom or headroom for my buddies. Seats too low to the floor. Not good for long road trips. Not "fun" to drive on winding roads or freeway. Steering wheel does not telescope. Big transmission console takes up too much legroom. I should have bought a Gran Prix coupe instead which does fit me. For someone well under 6 feet tall this car could be a blast. It is at home on the freeway at speeds over 80 MPH, gets 17 MPG, clocked 0-60 MPH in 7.9 sec, great CD, super engine, great electrical/computer systems, impossible to spin on dry road.

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Review Date: 5th April, 2003

1st Jun 2003, 20:28

I must disagree, the seats in my '97 LSC are more than comfortable, and once the traction controlled is turned off the wheels will spin with ease. My steering wheel is in perfect condition with 85,000 miles. The Mark VIII is a great car and I would recommend the car to anyone.

1997 Lincoln Mark VIII no from North America


Superb value


I had to replace the alternator. Also, I machined the rotors and put on new pads when I bought it. Moisture began to form in the rear tail light. This was easily solved by drilling two small holes in back panel. I think they could do away with the automatic pneumatic leveling system.

General Comments:

The most quite car I have ever driven. Being a mechanical engineer and having worked on many cars I am most impressed with the overall performance. Almost as fast as my 1995 Q45. The Q45 was very uncomfortable and had little head room. The seats on the VIII are wide and supportive. Handeling is excellent and the turning radius is very tight. Stereo is absolutely superb. I love all the electronics and have never had a problem. Mile/gal on highway 26.

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Review Date: 4th November, 2002