5th Mar 2009, 01:12

The neon tail-light IS expensive - if you actually buy a new one. However, if you take the whole unit off and examine it carefully, you'll notice that the lights are no more than a string of red lights in a plastic tube -- much the same as some Christmas decoration lights. I compared mine (the previous owner replaced the whole unit, so I have 2 to play with), with a string of red LED christmas lights -- and the Christmas lights actually worked! (and were brighter, too!).

If cutting and wiring the proper length of Christmas lights is too much, I'd try a string of lights from a Master Replicas Darth Vader light saber - -much the same, but just about the right length, LOL! (This part would cost more, though - and would mean researching 'how to build a lightsaber' sites.)

23rd Nov 2009, 17:38

How long is the rope neon light on a 97 Mark 8 if you were to replace it with the Christmas LED 12volt rope lights talked about before, and how would it be wired? Thanks rvscott4554@yahoo.com

1st Feb 2010, 14:13

I would like to get more info on the Christmas lights too, or could you email me baddayx1@yahoo.com

Thanks, Eric.

19th Jul 2010, 16:42

Fine by me. I do work for a dealership, but I need advice and help that I can't get there.

19th Jul 2010, 16:44

I would like to know more about the how to get my lights working with string LEDs too. My 1997 Mark VIII has taillight problems.



29th Apr 2011, 11:24

Has ANYBODY been able to devise a safe way to separate the lens from the housing of the center tail light of the 1997 or 1998 Lincoln Mark VIII? I need to open my housing up to either clean or refurbish mine, as it is not working and has visible water stains on the inside. I have tried asking many people with no good answer on how they did it. If you believe that you can assist me, please email me at ExtremeAutoNews@gmail.com as I would GREATLY appreciate any assistance with this.

Thank you!

24th Feb 2012, 16:35

How do you do this? Do you have pictures? Please help.