8th May 2007, 07:17

I purchased a '98 Collector's Edition from some very irresponsible owners that basically treated this car like garbage. I've put a lot of time and money into this beauty over the past year on just about everything you can imagine and the car now runs and looks terrific. I will say that I have never received as many compliments on any car I've ever owned. I do agree these cars need a lot of attention, but once you get it right - you won't regret it.

19th Nov 2008, 00:20

I've had my 97 mark VIII for about 4 years, and if I knew then what I know now...

Front shocks, transmission, brakes, door handle, and now, a high idle problem (3000rpm's in park) I love this car, but I've learned a valuable lesson; Not everything that looks good to you, is good FOR you! Still I'll keep at it. Hopefully I will find that answer soon. If anyone has an answer, please share jairoc3121@yahoo.com

If you're thinking MAF, IAC, throttle body cleansing, or vacuum leak, don't bother, covered them all.

12th Feb 2009, 13:54

About your comment:

'Around 76,000 miles, a spark plug blew out of the cylinder head. I needed a new coil-on-plug ($55) and spark plug. I had a mechanic friend thread-sert the spark hole and I replaced the COP in about 10 minutes myself with basic hand tools.'

At first glance I haven't seen where the spark plugs and coil on plugs can be accessed, any helpful hints, do you remove the valve cover?

12th Feb 2009, 21:50

"Do you remove the valve cover?"

Yeah, sure. The plugs and coils are under there, go for it.

5th Mar 2009, 01:27

For "A Mixed Bag..."

Really sorry, sounds like you either got a rare lemon, or the previous owner (s) destroyed it somehow. The constant vibration is/was most likely due to an unbalanced drive shaft - a common problem for the Mark VIII. This vibration alone can cause a plethora of other mechanical problems and failures! The long-term damage from vibration (even when not noticed) can be very serious, especially for a finely-tuned vehicle where ANY deficient part could cause a problem. I was fortunate that the previous owner of my car had 1) bought the car new, and 2) took excellent care of it by researching some of the typical problems. One of the first things he did was install an after-market, perfectly balanced aluminum driveshaft... saved me a lot of effort!

Other than that, my LSC has 85,000 miles on it, and runs excellent, looks practically new. No problems after 2 years of driving it -- except a loose power window switch. I'll add a later post of my own that addresses some of the other vehicles issues.

Once again, a sad story -- but you don't have to give up on the car entirely... maybe get a different one, as they can be had for anywhere between $3000 to $6000 nowadays.

25th Apr 2009, 19:06

My 97 lsc has got the display center staying on all the time. It had been killing my battery for a couple days. It was not until I noticed the display was still posting the mpg while the keys were out and door open. Any ideas on how to solve the issue other than removing the fuse? Which is where I am at now.

8th Dec 2009, 09:23

Wow!! I'm just glad I got my Mark before reading that 1st comment, otherwise I wouldn't have gotten it. Yep somebody really was hard on it or most likely a lemon (it happens to the best of 'em). Mine just hit 172,000 and has been pretty good. But I've had the common problems with it, hid lights, center trunk light and air ride bags went, though the car did get jacked up without turning off the air ride switch in the trunk, and that will cause that to happen. I do hate when companies discontinue parts though. I love this car, but I hate when I have to look all over the internet to get a part.

10th Jul 2010, 18:40

I have owned the 98 Lincoln since 2000. It was a bank repo, so I bought it at a fairly cheap price (about $18,000 cash). I first saw it at the bank parking lot and thought it was the sharpest looking car I'd ever seen! It was jet black, loaded with everything. I loved the sunroof the most (since I live in S.Florida).

Even though I've owned over 50 cars in my lifetime, this one I've owned the longest and feel the safest in. It's the Cobra Mark VIII, and if I was offered twice the money I paid in 2000, I would refuse and laugh at anyone who would thinks I'm crazy.

I just simply love this car, and the only problem I ever had with it was the headlights had to be replaced in it last year. A little pricey (at $5,275), but other than that, I'm OK with it.

I am also the only one who ever drove it except my great grandson (I will never forget that drive!!!) The car has over 41,000 miles on it, and he drove it like it was a racer car; he had it up over 130 mph!!! I thought I was gonna have a stroke!!! I'll leave it to his sister when I die. I'll leave him enough cash to buy some thing a little slower so he can live a little longer.

29th Jul 2010, 10:54

So you paid over 5 grand to fix a $100 headlight problem? I hope that was a typo!

Anyway, anyone who is having problems with their 93-98 Mark VIII should check out lincolnvscadillac.com. It's a great resource!

28th Oct 2010, 16:17

I purchased my 1998 mark VIII LSC brand new in May, 1998. I paid $9,000 under the MSRP because it was last one the dealer had on lot. It now has 69,000 miles on it, and has few problems other than poor gas mileage using premium gasoline, and occasional hard parts to locate. It is worth far, far more than $6,000 wholesale price. I have replaced seat on passenger side in front with black non-leather, but no one ever notices the difference. It has had no accidents and has original black paint. A great car, and too bad there was no Mark IX.

Gerald Schwartz

Aventura, Florida.

12th Jan 2011, 19:37

I have owned my 1998 Lincoln Mark VIII for two years now, the average gas mileage is really bad at only 16.3, which 75% is highway. The front right of the car makes a bad rattling noise when going over uneven pavement. I also get a "right door ajar" light, which comes and goes. The rear neon brake light is also out.

Overall, I like the car and have received many compliments on it. It is black with black leather interior with the power moon roof. It has 129K miles.

I plan on having some paint work done, and getting the engine checked over to get at the gas mileage problem.

19th Feb 2011, 10:25

I had a 96 Mark and loved it, but everything started to go wrong, like air suspension, on board read out, radio volume, idling at 3000 rpms, so I gave it to my step son and he actually twisted the drive shaft when it got stuck. I got a 98 LSC Collector's Edition that I love. Had to get the heat door replaced at 800. Otherwise I love it. The best car on the road. #360 on the gold tag...