20th Apr 2011, 07:15

Wait, what over 5k in head lights?.. no way! That part I don't believe. Today you're not gonna pay that amount. Ouch, my wallet hurt just reading that.

20th Apr 2011, 07:42

Hey everyone, I am all over the Internet about my '98 Lincoln Mark 8 LSC second generation, and you'll probably see me and my ride on the Lincoln Mark websites that are out there.

Mine is black on black. Got her as my 30th birthday present from the hubby, an upgrade from the couple of Mark 7 LSC's that I'd been driving for the past 10 years.

Now this one, mine was sitting pretty at a dealership with 50k on her clock, fully loaded with moon, and everything still works to this day!!! Searched foot by foot to find the right one for months, and almost lost interest, because they are hard to come by, meaning the exact kind I wanted.

So I had the dealer change out the headlights because they were yellow and faded, and I didn't like that, but everything else was great.. dealer didn't want to lose the sale.. so I took the baby home the same day, and with its new crispy clear headlights, oil change and a compound... it's now almost 6 years later and still driving and looking pretty - but has my own miles now at 182k.. yes, 182k and counting, but she does not look tired at all!!! But way better now I added a couple of things that will make all you Mark 8 LSC owners drool.

She is mechanically original, but I can't believe my idea and the help of hubby to make it happen, and let me say it looks better and hotter than the original, as some of my friends say at work, who are also car freaks - LOL. Yeah, a few mechanical bumps in the road with her thru the years.. but it's well worth it. Many people ask "is that a 2000 something?"... LOL, I'm like "no it's 98!".. LOL!

In 2009 I received my local Lincoln Mark 8 car club-people's choice awards trophy, and I'm happy to say I'm a proud owner of a fine car, and LOL so far the only chick in the club who owns one, and running around looking like this for this amount of time, and plan to win more trophies in the future. I can use all that Lincoln Mark 8 LSC owner's support... like any car out there, you have to know and maintain and stick to it.. If you let it go - you won't have much to show.

Look for lscgoddess98 on any Lincoln site.. see ya there! ;)

29th Apr 2011, 11:52

Please change your fuel filter.

Dennis Foreman from ga.

3rd May 2011, 12:29

Wow! I can't believe the bad gas mileage that you get with yours! We just got back from Florida, with my 97 Mark VIII and am very proud to say that I got 28 MPG, at an average speed of 72MPH! No BS, I was totally happy with that!