2010 Lincoln MKT Ecoboost from North America


Lots of nice little surprises



General Comments:

This is my wife's weekday car, but I get to drive it on the long trips and weekends.

Overall the car is very comfortable and feels luxurious. The interior is very quiet. If you listen very carefully you can barely hear a faint burbling sound from the all wheel drive at low speeds. I probably only even recognize it because I hear the same faint burbling from the all wheel drive on my 2009 MKZ, where it is easier to hear.

The Ecoboost engine is amazingly powerful. Almost scary.

My wife really enjoys little things like ambient lighting you can change the color of, even if it she recognizes it is a little silly. Push button ignition is very easy to get to liking too. The cell phone connections and voice activation work great.

Consumer Reports generally gave the MKT a positive review, but did say it has clumsy handling, which I just don't get at all. The MKT is very easy to maneuver and steers very nicely. And the MKT posted a faster time through their avoidance maneuver test than the other cars they said had agile handling. My wife does say that sometimes she feels like she is driving a tank because of the limited visibility back and to the side. But she says that about all the other large cars she has ever driven too. That is where the blind spot warning lights are very helpful, and you learn really fast to rely on them. That and the rear view camera, and rear obstacle detection system warning beeps are very helpful.

We bought this car as my wife's daily driver, but also for hauling our two kids, three adults and two dogs on 9 hour trips to see the grandparents. The car is just big enough for that if you pack light.

The trip goes across the always windy Texas panhandle. Which is what motivates me to write this review. We have driven this same windy route with rented Suburbans, Tahoes, Freestyles and Ford minivans. Always the crosswinds make for a tiring drive, because we have to constantly adjust for the crosswinds. But the MKT and some other Ford models have a feature called "pull drift compensation." You can search on those words on the web and pull up what it is. It uses the electric steering to make the car go where you are pointing it even as wind or road crowns want to push the car somewhere else. And it is completely non-obtrusive. But when you go by a big semi-trailer on the road, you don't feel the wall of wind push the car over as you go by it like you do in cars. It is really amazing. At the end of the long drive, you get out feeling like the drive was easy and you don't feel so worn out. If we had known the car had this feature, it would have been a big selling point to us. But Ford does not advertise it at all. There is nothing about it in any sales literature. I only read about it in one tiny mention in a car magazine and I read them all. That feature was the best surprise.

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Review Date: 11th May, 2010

4th Jul 2010, 01:03

From original reviewer. Our MKT is up to 7000 miles now with no problems, and we really like our car.

The market research companies seem very interested in our car, as we got surveys from five companies. While we take our long trips, I ask my wife the questions and she tells me the answers to fill in. I learned a lot from that.

The very faint sound from the all wheel drive has completely vanished now. Every time I drive the car, I am impressed with how nicely it handles. I think the brakes are good and I like them, but my wife who is the primary driver is does not like them. But she is more of a type who either gets distracted, or doesn't plan ahead and brakes at the last possible second, so the ABS activates and she feels that noise and feels the ABS sensation, and thinks something is wrong. She liked the brake feel in our Mercury Monterey better, but I like the MKT feel better. Overall she felt better once I tested the car with some hard stops and assured her it is braking the way it is supposed to.

Similarly, there is a very faint jolt sensation with slowing down that was bothering her, but when I read in the owner's manual that it was some kind of fuel economy thing with the transmission, she felt a lot happier. She was really freaked out when the clock did not automatically adjust for daylight savings time, like she thought the all the car computer stuff was malfunctioning. I'm still trying to understand why that bothered her so much. The other constant complaint is that there is no place for her purse, but then virtually no car seem to have that (except our old Monterey and our neighbors Honda Odyssey.)

Fuel economy is not so good, but what would you expect with all that power.

Our car is red and we frequently get comments from strangers who tell us how pretty it is. I have to say I agree. The first time I saw a picture of an MKT in a magazine, I thought it was such an ugly thing there was no way I would ever consider buying one. But when I saw it in real life, I thought it was pretty. I think there are quite a few cars like that now, that don't look too good in photographs, but look really good in real life.

12th Jul 2010, 22:40

2010 Lincoln MKT EcoBoost AWD in Cinnamon Metallic with Tow Pkg, Dual DVD, Park Assist, Opt. PKG 201a, Power Fold 3rd Row, 2nd Row Bench, Adapt. Cruise & headlights, BLIS: (commonly referred to by friends and family as "FLEX's overpriced big brother"), but all the toys make it worth it.

It has just passed 4000 miles and the fuel economy amd some loose trim and carpet fitting around the console are my only complaints. I paid just under 60k. The trim will be addressed by the dealer on my next service date. The fuel economy was be addressed by lightening up on the "EcoBoosted Acceleration" ;^}

18th Jul 2011, 19:14

How about opening a rear window on the opposite side at the same time?... What you're describing is called "wind buffeting"; a phenomenon known to occur in any vehicle. Nothing to do with MKT in particular...