2004 Lincoln Navigator 4x4 Ulitmate 5.4L from North America




Nothing at all. I didn't like the fact it had high miles, but the dealer through in a 3 year bumper to bumper. That eased my worry. I changed all the fluids and added synthetics. It runs like a champ and I can't complain.

General Comments:

This is the ultimate luxury SUV. It handles well, the interior is well designed, the seats are comfortable, there is plenty of room for the family, and it just plain looks good. Maintaining the vehicle is not bad, it is based on the Ford engine and frame, therefore; parts will be easy to find... if need be.

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Review Date: 21st November, 2007

2004 Lincoln Navigator Ultimate from North America


LOVE it, but can't stand the problems and Lincoln's lost a customer by not taking care of this


Automatic running boards malfunction. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't. Sometimes they come out late and take your feet out from under you or smack you in the shins.

Some functions temporarily stop working, such as display of the radio or air conditioner, but usually return if you turn the car off and on.

Power steering has not worked 3 times now. Corrects itself if you turn the engine off and on.

Electric issues in general. Car ACTS as if there is a short or fault or something, as things will mysteriously not work correctly, and then will work again, such as the air conditioner and radio above. Other items have been the door locks, power lift-gate, etc.

General Comments:

Love the car outside of the problems. These problems are not unique to me, as they have been reported by others. The running board problem even had a fix sent out by Ford, but it didn't fix the problem. They have purchased back at least one vehicle that I am aware of due to this. They say they can't recreate so they can't fix it. If I can catch on VIDEO, well that is supposedly a different matter. Been in the shop over 20 days now. This is a low mileage 2 year old car that I LOVE other than these problems. Very comfortable, rides wonderfully, and the functionality is great as long as it works. I am now concerned about my safety driving this car, but the trade-in is so pathetic, it is not fiscally sound to just give up and trade it in. This is our 5th Navigator, and probably our last. They added too many bells and whistles that they cannot control the function of properly and consistently.

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Review Date: 28th October, 2005

8th Mar 2007, 20:13

I agree, I agree, I agree. I have experienced most of the items cited in this article. My biggest problems with the my 2003 Navigator have been the Advance Traction system which has not worked properly since we purchased the vehicle. We have had it in 5 times for the same problem: The Advance Track or traction turns off when we go around a curve, in the snow, or when you turn sharply...kind of the time you would want the traction. The warning light comes on and then the "advance track" remains disengaged for 10 minutes or so. We have had 2 "computer boards" and many cables replaced, but the problems returns. At least the dealer is trying to fix this problem.

As far as running boards, our first running board failed and remains locked in shortly after it was purchased. We used it long enough to say, "This is a really cool and useful feature." Then it was gone on the passenger side. Like many reviews I read, it steadily gets worse showing intermittent operation with varying grinding noise like gravel was in the operating components. The dealer told us not to worry about the grinding noise, the minor debris would clear. Once it failed, the dealer refused to fix it saying it failed due to self inflicted damage. They told us, we must have hit a curb or something. We did not feel we hit anything. A year later our driver-side running board failed...no curbs on that side. We took it in and got the same story. Shown the running boards rods while on a lift, we could see stone damage and bending of the rods. We drive exclusively on paved roads so the stone damage seems possible, but the bending is very questionable due to normal wear. The rods are not covered and the mechanic said they are very prone to damage and bending. I believe they may have covered the rods or deploy the running boards differently on the 2007 Navigator, possibly fixing the problem.

Does anyone know of a retrofit kit or a recall on these items?