2005 Lincoln Navigator Ultimate with Elite Package 5.4 3V SOHC V8 from North America


American Luxury


Air Suspension/Compressor: I knew I would eventually have to replace these parts since it's a common issue on the Navigator. The seals for the airbags themselves are around $20 each for the part, but the labor is around $575 for each corner. The compressor, you'll be looking around $1,400 to replace. With the exception of the suspension issues, I have done nothing to my Navigator other than regular maintenance by the Lincoln dealership.

General Comments:

After more than a year of ownership, I really enjoy my Navigator. Prior to owning this vehicle, I drove a 2004 Lincoln Town Car for a few years before making the mistake of trading it in for a newer import. However, after a few years of buyer's regret, I decided to look into another Lincoln, however I made the decision to step up to a Navigator.

The Navigator I own is the Ultimate with Elite package, which gets you upgrades over the standard Navigator such as power running boards, HID headlights, power folding rear seats, power lift gate, sunroof, 18x8 "Euro Flange" chrome wheels (vs 17x7 alloys for the standard Navigator), THX sound and navigation with voice command, rear seat entertainment, heated and cooled front seats, and second row captains chairs with center console. Another package I have on my Navigator is the Monochromatic Package which takes all the flat black trim along the running boards, bumpers, and grille surround and makes them body color. The only option I do not have (or want) was four-wheel drive.

I love the exterior of this SUV. Compared to the next generation (the 2007-2013 "brace-face" Navigators), this one looks, dare I say, elegant. This SUV always turns heads due to its black exterior and minimal chrome. The only thing I've done was added limo tint. Nothing else.

The interior is huge (I'm only 5'8" tall). All buttons are nicely laid out, however there are two weird quirks. First is the window switches which are located on the center console (took some getting used to), and second is the goofy door that folds down to cover the radio/navigation (I've never use it). I rarely use the voice command since it takes a few seconds to respond compared to new vehicles these days, and it's just quicker to push the buttons to get the job done. The interior of my Navigator is tan. The leather seats are in great condition for its age along with the rest of the interior. The second row is roomy and those passenger's have their own captain chairs with controls for the AC/Radio/DVD player, as well as a deep center console/arm rest. The third row is decent room-wise, but you only get cup holders.

Performance wise I give it a 7 out of 10 (for its size). 2005 is when Ford/Lincoln dropped the 5.4 3V motor in place of the 5.4 4V. Same horsepower, slightly more torque, and broader power range. Also added during the 2005 model year is a 6 speed transmission in place of the 4 speed. My Navigator is not fast by any means, but it'll move if I want it to. I don't hot-rod it often, but it's nice to know it can break the rear tires loose (a little bit). Surprisingly, I've pulled on a few cars or other SUVs from a dig or on the highway. Gas mileage is not great though. I average around 12 MPG in the city and will hit 17-18 MPG on a long trip. It does have a huge tank so I can travel a long distance before refueling. Towing is where it shines. I've towed a boat with 5 people in my SUV and it does pretty well keeping up with traffic and moves out smoothly.

I love the ride of this SUV. My Navigator rides exactly like my 2004 Town Car, though top heavy. I've driven in the mountains around Asheville, NC and even though it's not a handler, it's well controlled, though I've found its limits quickly when pushing it hard in a corner. It does have stability control, which helps. Inside it's really quiet, and bumps are well controlled with the air suspension. Also, it will lower itself ("kneel") an inch when you park the vehicle, and raise to normal ride height when you start it back up (Per the manual, if I had the 4x4, it would raise another inch higher if engaged).

Overall, I've been happy with my Navigator. I know a few others who gotten well over the 200k mark with just maintenance. I don't plan on selling this SUV anytime soon, so I'll likely keep this site updated on my experience.

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Review Date: 22nd August, 2016

9th Oct 2016, 16:31

Your analogy for the '07-14 model is hilarious but true. When I first saw that grille I thought it was hideous. Then I saw the '15 model and I thought the older model looked pretty good compared to it. Now from what I have seen of the '17 re-design, that is going to be just awful. It looks like they are going to put that godawful front clip and grille from the Continental on a large truck. I guess their goal is to lose further sales with each re-design? I think Lincoln could have really made a name for themselves again if they had designed a nicely sized luxury sedan with distinctive American styling. Instead they went the same route everybody else has gone and tried to mimic the Japanese and Europeans. At this point I really wouldn't be saddened if Ford pulls the plug on Lincoln, there won't really be anything left worth saving.

15th Oct 2019, 18:59

These various grilles and front clip styling on the Navigator are reminiscent of early-1960's Lincoln styling, themes which are repeated on the interior. I think they look great, really pretty, and very nice updates of classic Lincoln style themes.

Styling on many new cars these days is offensively ugly, especially some Japanese makes. I admire Ford for daring to use such classic, attractive themes.

2005 Lincoln Navigator Ultimate Sport 5.4 24-Valve from North America


Powerful and easy to drive


One remote shorted out. My wife may have gotten it wet though.

Front end alignment was off. Dealer aligned and put new tires on the front at no cost to us.

Windshield seems to fog up a lot.

General Comments:

We love this SUV. It is a huge improvement over our last SUV.

The power seat controls are impossible to reach with the door shut as they are located near the floor on the side of the seat. Between the side of the seat and the door is only about 2 inches.

Not as much rear seat room as we would like.

The Navigator drives like a dream and is super smooth and powerful. It does guzzle fuel though. City 8-mpg, Highway 13-mpg.

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Review Date: 8th December, 2004

1st Jul 2010, 12:03


In what way is your Navigator a huge improvement over your previous SUV (allegedly a LX470)?