6th Nov 2006, 18:08

My daughter purchased a Lincoln Navigator 2003. She has only had it for about six months. Today for the first time her step would not operate properly. It would come out and go back in fast. Also, the back gate would not open. We have checked to see if anything was blocking the area, but found nothing. We thought it may be a fuse and had a auto store check the fuses. We were told that nothing was wrong with the fuses. I went on line to find information on troubleshooting. There was information on all types of cars, but nothing on the Lincoln Navigator. Where can we get information on line to troubleshoot before we take it to the shop to spend the big bucks!!! There was nothing that I could find.

1st Jan 2007, 19:39

The reason why Lincoln service is bad is because a Navigator is just an overpriced Expedition. Also the service department operates like it's a Ford service department. I bought my wife a 2003 Navigator to replace her 2000 Escalade which had the same service because an Escalade is just an overpriced Tahoe. She always thought American cars were the best way to go well I had been a German fan. I have always driven Mercedes or BMW, but they never had a large SUV. She now drives a 2005 Lexus LX470 which is great. It even has the nightview option. I lost a good amount of money on the Navigator for I always pay cash for the cars.

23rd Aug 2008, 20:56

My best advice to anyone considering buying a used Navigator... Buy a used AVIATOR... MUCH better vehicle.

29th Dec 2009, 08:34

If anyone is interested, I am trying to get a law suit against Lincoln. I did research, and so far over 200 people have a problem with the 2003 Lincoln navigator air suspension system. I have spent over $2,000.00, and still have some problems with mine, and some of my friends just went ahead and change the suspension to springs.

The Navigator is a beautiful ride that was put together without much practical sense. DON'T BUY A LINCOLN NAVIGATOR. If you have a navigator with similar problems, please send me an email to ukutemanni@yahoo.com. THIS IS WRONG.