1978 Lincoln Town Car 460 from North America


Great ride


New white wall tires, brakes and hoses, valve cover gaskets, heater core, belts, and left rear brake cylinder.

General Comments:

Excellent condition with showroom red velour interior with a dove grey exterior. Full grey vinyl top with opera lights and CB radio factory installed.

The 460 cu. in. 4 barrel runs great.

New tires with 1.6 whitewalls and turbine hub caps. Going to be a show car.

Love it; a real head turner.

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Review Date: 27th July, 2013

28th Jul 2013, 17:46

Those turbines aren't hubcaps, they are aluminum rims (kind of rare for that time).

1978 Lincoln Town Car town car continental 400 from North America


This is the best lincoln ever made


My carburetor needed rebuilding.

General Comments:

The car rolls smoothly over train tracks and the rough streets of Birmingham, Alabama.

I own the limited edition with full vinyl top and a huge factory sunroof.

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Review Date: 8th July, 2007

1978 Lincoln Town Car 7.5 litre V8 from North America




Drivers side power seats... don't all work, power vent windows on driver side needs a little help moving up and down.

Air conditioner does not give out cold air.

General Comments:

This is my first car at the age of 17, after working a year at w-mart and other odd jobs, I thought I would treat myself to buying it. bought it for under 3k at 31k miles (slightly funny story we thought it was kilometres... kinda of a surprise when the appraisal came in for over 100k)

The seats are quite comfortable (velour- red) and like new, repairs were quite minimal new tires, brakes etc (under 1k) I love the power seats I'm used to it being located by the seat as opposed to beside the seat...haven't really tried the controls while driving... but shouldn't be to difficult to get used too.

There is absolutely, no major rust on the vehicle, other than a few chips.

Gas mileage - atrocious... we test drove it only once so far... and the gas tank went from 3/4 to 1/2 in what seemed like a very short period of time. (I'm a bit frightened of driving it because I'm used to a mini-van)

Stereo - cheap aftermarket tape cassette... will leave as it is... a cd player would ruin the interior.

Dislikes - no opera light/carriage light... even though it says it's a towncar it doesn't have one... which rather disappointed me... but makes it unique I guess.

Advice - be careful what car insurance company you go with... its been hell trying to get this rig insured... first they say they don't need an appraisal, then they say they do, they say it must be a certified appraisal person (but won't say how to find that out), and you can't talk to anyone in person...

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Review Date: 30th March, 2007

30th Apr 2007, 18:43

Update... all power seats/windows now work.

1978 Lincoln Town Car 460 from North America


A rare find


The alternator went out and the solenoid also.

It needs new pipes, but other than that, she's a real looker and has pure power.

The inside was kept up really nice as well.

General Comments:

It's really a power house.

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Review Date: 28th November, 2006

1978 Lincoln Town Car ? Cartier ? 400Ci from Netherlands


Great car


- My airconditoner was empty. So I have it filled up with R12 and now it works great.

- My tires were not alligned, but now there are and the car drives great.

- There are new brake clamps installed.

- The battery is not great, but it works. Maybe I buy a stronger one in the future.

General Comments:

It is a very nice car to drive. The cruise control works great and the leather is in nice condition. I love to ride with it.

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Review Date: 4th June, 2006

5th Jun 2006, 10:35

Where did you find any R12? It's not supposed to be available any more.

What are "brake clamps"? Calipers?

1978 Lincoln Town Car Continental 460 cid. (7.5L) from North America


An old car that still delivers like a young one


Poor fuel mileage when purchased (10-11mpg).

Difficulty starting when purchased.

Leaky engine gaskets.

Leaky transmission oil pan gasket.

Leaky radiator.

Air conditioner inoperative.

Sagging rear springs.

Shock absorbers worn out.

General Comments:

This car had been used infrequently, had been stored in the New Mexico desert, and maintenance by previous owner had been limited to oil and oil filter changes.

I only paid $350 for it, and put a little more than $1,000 into it fixing it up.

My first move was to buy a new set of tires and shock absorbers, and correct the sag in the rear springs with rubber spacers.

The radiator wasn't original. It was from a car with a much smaller engine and was leaking. I replaced it with a new, correct radiator, and changed belts and hoses and thermostat.

Transmission got fluid and filter replaced, engine got oil and filter changed.

I corrected the engine oil leaks by replacing valve cover gaskets. Mileage was improved by replacing spark plugs and plug wires, and tuning carburetor.

Now it gets up to 16mpg.

This car is extremely comfortable. It is enormous, plenty of room in the interior, trunk, and engine compartment.

I am so pleased with this car that I plan to take it on a cross-country trip this week.

A car this size may cause some concern from other drivers as being gross and excessive. By automobile standards, it is. But mechanically, it has much more in common with pickups and Sport Utility Vehicles than with today's front-wheel drive cars. Judged by comparison with it's present-day mechanical peers, it is neither gross nor is it a gas hog.

It delivers the luxury it was made to provide, and with 3 tons of metal surrounding the driver, it provides safety, too. I feel this car could hold it's own in a collision with anything up to a Humvee.

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Review Date: 25th April, 2005

15th Nov 2005, 18:49

7.5 Litre engine! oh my god. that's got to be getting on for 500hp? In a '78 model though, I guess it would be less.

19th Jul 2006, 15:30

I own a 78 Town Car. It is 19.5 feet/ 5,000+ lbs of perfect luxury. The 460 can't be heard or felt inside and the suspension floats on air. At 125,000 miles it shows no signs of deterioration. I am the third owner, the second owner bought it in '81 and put it in the garage. 15 mpg on the freeway is fine with me!