19th Oct 2006, 12:31

I recently bought a 1978 Lincoln continental, 22 feet, all white, little rust, although the oil needs to be changed as well as the filter, and the fuel pump was rusted through at the top seams, it is in great condition, all the elecrical systems even still work and it only has about 92,800 miles. I'm only 16 but I love the car to death, nothing safer and absolutely nothing more luxurious, comfortable, or fun to drive.

26th May 2007, 23:55

Have you ever measured your car? It is not 22 feet unless it has a bumper extension continental kit. These cars weigh 4660 pounds from the factory and the overall length is 19 feet 4 inches.

4th Jan 2008, 12:49

I don't understand negative comments like the above. This car is definetly in the realm of 5500 lbs. And 22ft seems accurate. Maybe 20 - who cares. Amazing vehicles. Shame the'll NEVER be built like this again : (

20th Mar 2008, 09:39

I completely agree. A minimum of 5500lbs. The 70's brought grossly under weight ratings.

5th Nov 2008, 18:34

It's not a negative comment about the length, just a clarification. The writer is correct, the Lincoln described is 4500 to 4800 lbs. in weight & was 19ft.4in.long.

2nd Jan 2009, 02:43

I drove my '78 Towncar 460 on the weigh scales in Ontario, Canada and it weighed well over 5,000 lbs. My car is fully loaded with options. You have to keep in mind that in '78 power seats, power windows and even the 460 were options. So a base Towncar may weigh 4,600 lbs.

-Rob Skolik.

10th May 2010, 22:06

I retired one 1988 Lincoln Town Car after 300,000+ kms because I lost a parking spot in my building. That car was wonderful. I now have four Town Cars (1978, 1988, 1989, and 1998). I'm still looking for more.

The 1978 gets lots of comments every time I take it out. To make it perfect, it should have a second gas tank in the front so my wife and I can both gas it up at the same time -- it parks in front of two sets of pumps at a typical gas station.

The car gets 15 miles per gallon on the highway and about 12 miles per gallon in country driving.

Life is short -- get yourself a Town Car at least once.

12th May 2010, 23:14

To the previous poster with 4 Town Cars:

I would love to see pictures of your fleet! Send some pics to my e-mail (psplayer@hotmail.com) I own a '79 Town Car ;)

29th Mar 2011, 09:22

77' - 79' were great years for the Big Linc's. If you can find one, even in decent shape, grab it. If you find one in decent shape, with a 460 & tow package, you should act fast. There aren't many more like that available. Best of luck you guys.